After 15 years in the business, I have seen the following scenario far too often.

So you decided that it was important to provide protection for your home or business with a security camera system, great! Then you weighed out your options, maybe talked to a few people and made a purchase. Excited with your new technology purchase, you install the cameras, plug in the DVR and let it start recording.

Flushed with excitement from the live views that you see on the screen, you let the system do "it's thing" for a few hours...then scurry back to see what it recorded.

It is at this point for many, that your excitement wanes, then turns into boredom and dismay. I really wish this was not the normal process for people looking to secure their property, but unfortunately more than often it is.

Most camera systems on the market are based on the VCR in terms of recording. Sure they are "Digital Video Recorders" so they are recording the video digitally, but when you go to play back, you spend hours or days trying to find the video you want, everything is stored in a linear fashion and accessed either by jumping to a certain point in time and fast forwarding from there, or by sorting through a list of files created when motion was detected, trying to find that brief instant of important video.

This is where our AVM (Advanced Video Management) camera system platform really excels above the rest. We really use our camera systems, so we understand what is really important to our clients - Finding the video you want to see,WITHOUT spending your whole day to do it. This is what our entire platform is based on, allowing you to scan through days of video VISUALLY in a matter of seconds. This means that you can really use your video, without having to sit there for hours or days.


Our AVM system customers really use their video more (it's so easy it becomes addictive) and they use their security camera footage for many more purposes than they previously had even imagined. A product that over-delivers, how rare is that?

Just a few of the things our customers have found in a matter of seconds:

  • Which cat peed on the sofa?
  • What time did the kids REALLY get home?
  • Track 2 weeks of employee time cards to verify
  • Which customer came to the office while I was gone?
  • Who hit the car in the parking lot?
  • What happened to the garage door today?
  • What did my employees really do all day?

It really is amazing the difference a QUALITY camera system will make to your home or office.

When considering a new security camera system, make sure you select an AVM system, we turn dissapointment back into excitement.

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