Restaurant Security Cameras

Restaurant Security Camera Systems

Restaurants are difficult businesses normally, but they have become even much more difficult businesses to keep open in 2020. Between employee theft, human resources issues, forced shut downs due to stay-at-home orders, increasing wage costs and customer satisfaction, it can be difficult to thrive in the food service industries. These problems don't just affect fast food franchises, but also high end restaurants alike. While traditionally, restaurants have been some of the early adopters of security cameras, many of the systems employed leave the restaurant managers wanting for more because they are difficult to use and impossible to connect and view remotely.

We have 2 distinct types of restaurant camera systems to suit the needs of all of our clients. First, our AVM Restaurant Camera Systems, which have the latest in features and functionality allow you to scan through days of video in a matter of seconds, receive alerts when customers arrive, remotely access video as if you were standing right there, and much more. On the other hand, our budget-minded restaurant HD-TVI standalone (embedded) DVR systems allow us to meet the budgets of even smaller restaurants with HD-quality video and remote access from iPhone and Android phones. Our Budget systems are still superior to pre-boxed systems available at the big-box stores, because they allow further upgrade of the cameras in the future, even integration of the AVM software and IP cameras if desired. We want your security camera system to grow with you and your needs.

Shop the best in restaurant security systems that are equipped with high-quality HD video cameras to capture events as they happen. Deter potential theft or vandalism with equipment you can depend on. Use a restaurant security camera with simple playback features that can scan back days in a matter of seconds with our AVM system, or meet even lower budgets with our embedded HD-TVI DVRs. With a system like ours, you can detect the slightest bit of motion with adjustable motion recording settings.

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