School Security Cameras

School Security Camera Systems

You would have to be living under a rock to not understand the importance of security for our schools.  Unfortunately today, it has become commonplace to hear about tragedy in our schools. Our HD AVM security camera systems are an important upgrade for school security, providing crisp, clear, actionable video to help keep our children safe while under your care. One of the most overlooked, yet important things about school security, is the easy access to recorded video. Most systems require an administrator to go to the location of the recorder, and stand there for HOURS trying to find the important video. I ask you, how useful is that?

Our AVM (Advanced Video Management) systems for schools of all sizes are changing the way we protect our children with security cameras. With our AVM systems, administrators can easily access the recorded and live video from their office, and can even scan through days of video watching visually for a specific event in SECONDS instead of hours. This means school administrators can react to threats, violence or other minor offenses immediately before the problem mushrooms. These systems deliver easy access to video both locally and remotely. Our systems are security cameras reimagined with full school security in mind.

Older school systems can easily be upgraded to our new AVM system, simply contact us at 866-537-5438 for a custom quote

Enhanced Features Include:

Easy access to Playback
(Scan through days of video in 15 seconds or less)

  • Find important video in seconds (every second counts when it comes to school incidents)
  • Provide evidence and actionable intelligence in seconds
  • Scan through video to quickly see students throughout the school
  • Identify and monitor trouble students with ease
  • Remotely playback video from office
  • Quickly see everything that happened in a matter of seconds

Enterprise-Grade Remote Access

  • Secure REAL-TIME remote access to live video from
    • iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phones
    • PC & Mac
  • Playback video from your devices
  • Watch multiple schools in the district at once
  • Built-in Remote Recording - Copy all video to District Office Automatically

More Adjustable Motion Detection Recording

  • 9000 Different Levels of Motion Sensitivity (most have 5-10)
  • Configurable Masking Areas
  • Store More Video with Smaller Hard Drives

Highly Secure Platform Protects Video and Personnel

  • Fully Compatible with Secure VPN Networks
  • Text/Email alerts when unauthorized access is attempted
  • More secure access means your video is protected
  • Infinite user accounts with configurable access

Easy Expansion - Compatible with all camera types

  • Easily add and incorporate traditional Analog CCTV Cameras, HD IP Cameras or HD-SDI (HD over Coax) cameras to improve coverage
  • System can be used with existing cameras as well! (call us for custom system)

Alarm System Integration (optional)

  • Receive Text/Email alerts with images when alarm system is triggered
    • Monitor and respond to school intrusion instantly
    • Arm and Disarm any alarm system from your phone
    • Schedule complex alerts based on alarm inputs, camera motion and system events

SMART Cameras for Intelligent Text Alerts (optional)

  • Receive Alerts when students enter certain restricted or key areas
  • Create bookmarks in the archive for easy access later
  • Count people and vehicles entering or leaving certain zones

Our camera systems are trusted in Public School Districts and Universities throughout the Country!

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