Protecting your Restaurant with security cameras

Posted by Michael on 1/21/2016 to AVM (Advanced VIdeo Management)
While many businesses employ security cameras for many reasons, there are few businesses that require security cameras even nearly as much as restaurants.  A basic security camera system can provide you with a little bit of info to help you prosecute theft or fire unreliable employees, however a well-designed and featured security camera system like our AVM system can provide you with so much more.

Selecting the best school security camera system - a MUST read for districts

Posted by Michael on 1/20/2016 to AVM (Advanced VIdeo Management)
Schools are constantly under-fire, literally.  This makes parents rightfully concerned about the security of their children while in school.  Exceptional school security camera systems can help deliver the quality video coverage needed to react in times of need, and even accessibility for police (even from their cruisers) so that they can keep our children safe.