One of the most vital components of a video surveillance network is a security camera. Whether you’re a property or business owner, creating a safe and secure space must definitely be on top of your priority list. When selecting a security camera, it is important to consider various aspects. 

Two of the most popular security cameras are 4k and 1080p security cameras. If you’re confused about which one is a better choice for you, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll talk about the key features to keep in mind while selecting a security camera, the major differences between 4k and 1800p security cameras, and the cost involved with the installation of both cameras. Ready? Let’s dig it!

Buying A Security Camera: Key Features To Consider

There are plenty of features you should consider while selecting a security camera. Before talking about the differences between the 4k and 1080p cameras, let us discuss the key features you should consider whilst select the camera. 

Video Resolution: 

Video resolution is one of the most commonly used terms in the digital video world. What exactly does it mean? It refers to the total number of pixels displayed on the screen and has a direct relation to the quality of the video. 4K is used by those looking for high-end surveillance whereas the standard HD 1080p is offered by most modern security cameras.

Infrared Night Vision: 

Day or night, security cameras should provide excellent image quality at all times. The whole purpose of security cameras would be defeated otherwise. Make sure to choose a camera with great infrared night vision. The infrared is created by multiple led illuminators which can provide clear night vision in remote areas with poor or no lighting at all. 

Wide Angle Viewing: 

As the same suggests, this feature enables you to capture a wider view using a single camera. If placed correctly in the desired monitoring region, wide-angle viewing allows to cut down the expense of installing additional cameras in a specific area. The feature is quite common with 4k models as compared to 1080p ones. In other words, one 4k camera with this feature can provide coverage equivalent to a few 1080p cameras in that place.

Weatherproof & Vandal-Proof Housing: 

If you’re installing security cameras outdoors, dome or weatherproof housing is a must-have. Vandal-proof housing protects your cameras and prevents any possible tampering from burglars, criminals, or other outside elements. 

Camera Support System: 

Cameras are built to withstand harsh climate conditions. However, even the best security camera may face connectivity issues someday or the other. That’s when you need a reliable support team. From diagnosing the problem to coming up with effective solutions, a security camera provider handles it all. The trustworthy team at Platinum CCTVhas got your back! We offer exceptional support which goes right through our US office in Warrenville. Stay assured as we’re known to offer the best support experience ever!


There are many other features like motion detection, digital zoom, remote viewing, and two-way audio. While deciding between 4k or 1080p models, make sure to thoroughly understand every feature and select the one that suits your requirements perfectly.

Note: If you are adding security cameras to your already existing surveillance system, make sure to check for compatibility issues.

4K VS 1080P Security Cameras

Now that we have talked about the features of security cameras, let us discuss the key differences between 4k and 1080p.

Image Quality and Color

A 4k security camera offers better image quality and color as compared to a 1080p camera. The former is becoming a popular choice for most business owners out there. 


A 4k camera produces over 8 million pixels, providing a resolution of 3820 x 2160. It is about four times higher resolution than the one offered by standard 1080p. When zoomed in, you can get a wider field of view and monitor expanded areas with less hardware using a 4k security camera. The video produced by a 4k security camera is much more sharp and focused than the one produced by a 1080 camera.


1080p resolution is comparatively less expensive than 4k resolution. It is due to 4k’s amazing coverage and resolution. 

4K VS 1080P Which Camera Is Perfect For You?

A 4k camera is a brilliant choice for you if:

  • You want to upgrade your current security system or resolution
  • You want to monitor large areas such as playgrounds, parking lots, large offices, cafeterias, or warehouses
  • You want the best and budget is not a constraint for you

If you don’t relate to the above points, go for a 1080p resolution. 1080p is the standard resolution used for security cameras. With a 1080p camera, you can get high-definition images without even spending much. 

A 1080p security camera is definitely better than the standard analog video camera. This resolution makes a great choice for small businesses, homeowners, and garage owners with basic surveillance needs.

The Bottom Line:

If you're a business owner looking for 1080p or 4K security cameras, shop at Platinum CCTV. Our business-grade AVM HD IP Camera System can become your eyes and even ears to develop a safe environment for your business growth. 

Our AVM systems have outshined the competition for the past 20 years and continue to do so. Some of the key features of our business AVM system are: 

  • Instant access to the footage of the entire day, week, or even month; quick navigating saves you a lot of time
  • Brilliant processing power
  • Instant troublemakers in less time, which in turn boosts the chances of finding them and preventing the loss

As a business owner, you can not compromise on the safety of your workplace and workforce. When it comes to security cameras, always make an informed choice!