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Security Cameras Systems are all we do...we do them best

Most security camera systems fall short of what clients need. We design our systems around what you think a camera system should do. That makes all the difference in the world, and has for 20 years.

Upgrade your security, Upgrade your life.

Your security cameras should work for you. We make that happen. From fast video scanning that allows you to scan through months of video visually in seconds to more advanced integrations and features such as LPR or A.I. alerting you when there is something important you need to see, our AVM NVR systems go that extra mile and make sure your camera system will work for your needs.

Our AVM NVR recorders are the best place to start when building your security camera system. We have been fine-tuning our camera systems for over 20 years, so our software lest you do more. Our NVRs are designed to make the best use of the best quality, bitrate, AI events, edge recording, ANPR license plate capture, POS data and alarm system integration to make sure your camera system is more than just for major events.

When you can use your security video like data, you can use your system to better manage your business.
Our. Clients. Do.

Camera Systems Built for Businesses

Business CCTV Camera Systems with Easy Playback and Remote Access

Most clients look for a security camera system for their business because they need security coverage. Many even approach it with an 'as long as I have cameras then I'm good' mentality. However, with most systems, all you will ever get is the chance of capturing that video you need. A well-designed NVR lets you use your camera system to better manage your business. This is accomplished by starting with the best quality hardware. Our NVRs feature the latest Intel® CPUs, NVidia® video cards and surveillance grade hard drives, then add our proprietary AVM recording platform. Our NVRs have thousands of times more processing power than traditional embedded or standalone NVRs. This means we can accomplish more with the video, provide better video quality and make your camera system more valuable to you than just catching a thief or vandal.

Make your camera system work for you. Our AVM NVRs are the answer.

Discover what a Business Security Camera System should be

It starts with the NVR...Security Video IS Data

Smart cameras with VCA capabilities being used to count people

Your business is driven by data. That is why your video should be treated like data too. Most camera systems can barely manage to record, playback and allow remote access because their hardware and software is limited. Platinum CCTV redesigned security camera systems from the ground up to make sure our clients could use the video more. With our AVM NVRs, you are able to scan through months of video in a matter of seconds. This basic but elusive feature allows you to visually scan through and find out what happened at your business. Our clients have been using for 20 years. This is the most basic feature of our AVM NVRs as well. Our NVRs when used with our AI Smart cameras even allow you to search for people, vehicles, and much more.

Upgrade to our AVM NVR Recorder use video like data.

We Treat Your Video Like Data

  • See how many clients were in your business
  • View what employees did all week in seconds
  • Track down shipments that disappeared once received
  • Find what caused damage to a pallet
  • Receive alerts when a human is in a certain area
  • Check time-cards against vehicle arrivals/departures
  • Count the number of vehicles past a certain area
  • Check License plates to see when last a vehicle was there
  • Receive alerts if ex-employee vehicle arrives on-site
  • Reward employees for going above and beyond
  • Monitor vendors for services rendered (plowing/landscaping)
  • Ensure safety protocols are being followed
    ...and much more

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