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AVM PlatinumNVR for IP Camera Recording
AVM PlatinumNVR for IP Camera Recording

AVM NVR - Rackmount NVR for HD-IP Cameras

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Self-Contained, Powerful IP Camera Recording

Complete NVR Solution for your home or business

Our PlatinumNVR rackmount recorders are the ultimate in video recording for your IP cameras. These NVRs include our AVM software, providing you the best in video recording with our Advanced Video Management Platform. This NVR connects to most IP cameras, and provides improved motion detection recording, excellent remote access from iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phones, as well as easy scanning through video archives allowing you better access to your video.

Find video in seconds not hours!

Faster access to video with easy searching = You use your video more!

You want to know what happened at your home or business while you were away. However, most systems make it very difficult to playback your video. Our AVM (Advanced Video Management) NVR platform gives you the ability to scan through your video in a matter of seconds with just the waive of your mouse. This means that you can easily visually see everything that happened, without spending an entire day to do it. This innovative way to access your video means that you will be able to actually use your video.

Real Time Remote Access

View cameras from all your devices, from anywhere!

Keep in touch with your home or business from anywhere with the advanced remote access capabilities of this AVM NVR. We have been using our AVM software for accessing security cameras since the days of the flip phone, and have continued to evolve it, ensuring that you will not only have access to your cameras from iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phones, PC and Mac, but also that you will have cutting-edge features like digital zoom, PTZ control, Playback, Alarm control, Lighting controls and more right from your cell phone. Best of all, because of the enhanced video processing of this NVR, you can always see what is happening in REAL TIME.

Support for all Major IP Cameras

Compatible with most IP camera brands/models

This MicroNVR with AVM is compatible with most major brand IP cameras, as well as generic cameras through ONVIF and RTSP protocols. Major brand IP cameras like ACTi, Arecont Vision, Axis, Sanyo, Bosch, Platinum CCTV, Ganz, HIKVision, Dahua, Everfocus, Samsung and more are all fully integrated into the software for easy installation. These cameras will stream securely into the AVM NVR, which records and then records from the cameras, and serves them up for remote access as well.

Remote Video Recording

Keep backup copies of your video

Worried that your video might be compromised or stolen? Our AVM NVR provides you with the ability to ensure that you will always have a backup copy of your video. Record in real-time to your laptop or computer over the internet. Remote backup of video to your remote PC is included in the software, and uses your internet connection, so there is no ongoing fee or storage limitation. Most importantly, because it does not use a cloud arrangement, your sensitive video is secure from prying eyes.

Ultimate Security

Know even if someone TRIES to access your cameras

In today's world, hearing about hacking is commonplace. In the security camera industry, it is unfortunately pretty common to hear about someone hacking into an IP camera to watch remotely. This is why our AVM camera system is designed with your security and safety in mind. This system can be setup to even provide you with alerts anytime someone even attempts to access your cameras. This helps you make sure your video is secure. Our AVM NVR is also compatible with all VPNs for a higher level of security. Need help planning a secure IP camera installation? Call us and we will help!

Stay in touch with Alerts!

Motion Email & Text Alerts, Alarm Integration and MORE

Really integrate your home or business by connecting this AVM system with optional USB I/O Alarm card to any alarm system, home or business automation system, or even access control systems. By integrating your cameras further with your home or business, you can have your system alert you when people are approaching, employees arrive or leave, or infinite other possible triggers. The AVM system has a better scheduling engine than most home automation controllers, allowing you to control camera recording, text alerts, PTZ camera positions and much much more based on time, alarm inputs and other factors smoothly. With our AVM system you are informed and in control!

POS Overlay Integration

Optional POS System Integration for Businesses

Upgrade your business management and security at the same time with our optional POS system integration. This system add-on allows you to connect your cash registers even to the HD IP cameras included in this package. Data is pulled in over the network, providing you with transaction, cashier data and much more...so that you can now even search for video based on employee discounts, transaction amounts, cashiers, registers and much more. This goes way beyond the simple analog text overlay you have seen elsewhere, this is a full database stored with your video so that you can really be in control and stay informed of what is happening at your business.

Most Powerful Scheduling

Control everything that happens

The core of our AVM software, is an enhanced scheduling engine. This provides you with the ability to schedule complex alerts that can be based on camera motion, signal loss, alarm inputs, analytics alerts, system events and much more. You can even layer multiple events simultaneously to ensure when you get an alert it is something you want to see. Use the scheduler to control lights and other devices based on any event with optional IO card. This makes it a powerful automated business or home controller.

We've Got Your Back!

Industry Leading Technical Support

From instructional videos and walkthroughs to live remote technical support and online chats, we have your back every step of the way. You don?t have to be a tech guru to get our systems up and running, because you have an entire team of specialists behind you. Whether you install systems for a living, or have never touched a camera before, we?ll get you up and running in no time at all.

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