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Watch Your Cameras from Anywhere

Watch your business security cameras from anywhere with a PC, Mac, Tablet or phone with our Platinum CCTV AVM Software.

Security camera systems should be designed with remote access in mind. Our AVM (Advanced Video Management) platform was designed with instantaneous, real-time video access not only in mind, but at the core of our operation. This ensures that no matter who you are, or where you are at, you can securely watch your cameras live. Many systems fall way short of this goal, because their recorders cannot process the video fast enough, this is not a problem with our AVM systems, as we have thousands of times more processing capabilities than traditional embedded or standalone style systems. This means that when you connect to your cameras, the video is processed and sent over the internet with the quality and frame size that is needed to make the best use of your internet connection.

Our AVM software allows real-time remote access even of multiple cameras at a time right from your iPhone or Android. We succeed where other systems fail.

We have been watching our security cameras over the internet since the days of analog cameras and dial-up internet, so our AVM system has grown with the internet to ensure that our clients always have the best access. When you connect into your cameras, you are connecting directly to your NVR (Network Video Recorder) so your video is secure and not passing through a 3rd party server or cloud service like is common with many budget systems. This keeps your video secure and speeds up the transmission of the video as well.

Even watch security cameras right on a TV or monitor using a NUC stick - size of an Amazon fire stick - or a PC/Mac.

Our clients use their video in a variety of different ways, watching business security cameras on their TVs or monitors at home (connected to a windows PC or Windows stick), connecting to view their home security cameras from their iPhone or Android phone, watching live on a tablet while they are sitting outside at a fire, or even watching employees while they sit on a plane or in a coffee shop. The possibilities are endless for watching your security cameras from wherever you are in the world. All of our representatives are skilled in assisting clients with development of a remote access plan to help suit your needs, budget and lifestyle.

The AVM system succeeds where other systems fail, because it was designed specifically for remote access to ensure optimal real-time video and video of the highest quality. Our system doesn't suffer from low bit-rate "blockiness" or "smearing" like other recorders display in their applications. The secret is in the AVM software and NVR recorders.


Watch Security Cameras from virtually any device:

  • Microsoft Windows PCs - CMS4 software allows real-time live viewing, playback, VCA scanning, remote backup and more
  • Apple Mac Computers - Our AVM system even has full capabilities from Macs with our Mac CMS4 software same features as Windows
  • iPhones & iPads - Watch your Live cameras and playback from iPhones and iPads as well
  • Android Phones and Tablets - We support android devices as well for live view and playback
  • Windows NUC Sticks - These small Microsoft Windows powered Intel sticks are the size of an Amazon Fire Stick, but run Windows to allow full live, playback and scanning right on your TV!

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