Gen Z surely has a knack for keeping their gadgets and electronic devices up-to-date with the latest software. But what is often forgotten is the upkeep and maintenance of the device itself. No doubt this is necessary, given the huge amount of investment that goes into these ‘business or home-use assets’.

Security cameras are commonly installed by most people today at places of their residence, workplace, farms, etc. to ensure the maximum output from these systems, one must maintain them appropriately for high security and safety. What we mean, is that the security camera also needs extra care and attention to be able to serve you better and longer.

Especially so for the security cameras installed outdoors or in the exterior portions of your house, offices, buildings, barn, etc. Certain security camera installation tips are freely available online, but in addition to those, you must be aware of specific tried-and-tested tips by experts.

Here’s a compiled list of 8 key security camera installation tips suggested by camera professionals across the industry to help you maintain your device’s performance all year round:

  • Quality-check for your Camera Lens

Cleaning your camera lens is of utmost importance. Not only will this ensure clearer pictures, but it will also avoid the DVR space to fill up quickly. Wondering how it actually fills up that rapidly? It is probably the motion being captured from that pesky little spider web or dirt particles on the lens.

Tip: Always use a soft and clean microfiber towel to get rid of the dust and dirt by delicately wiping the lens. Make sure you avoid even the slightest scratch on your lens. 

  • Wiping down your DVR

Unwanted dirt and dust collected around your DVR can hamper its overall performance and even stop its usual functioning. Ensure there is no residue or corrosion.

Tip: You can use the same microfiber towel washed and cleaned.
Add-on? This will also ensure removing any blockage formed by the dust ensuring the system heat is not stopped. 

  • Re-check if it is time for a replacement or upgrades

Poor quality security camera systems installed at your homes or offices will do no good. If their sole purpose of recording and making visuals available of the surrounding is dissolved due to hazy, low resolution, or unclear recordings. Go for an upgrade to HD cameras if needed. 

  • Keep a check on the Camera position

Even after you have properly installed your security camera in a safe place, it is a must to keep checking its position from time to time. Adverse weather conditions, external disturbances, birds can hamper their otherwise tightened-up positioning. Sometimes, the bolts and things can get loosened. Ensure they are rightly angled and help securely. 

  • Checking outdoor/weatherproof cameras

Sometimes people install cameras with an enclosure. Ensure this is tightly secured at all times. Otherwise, there is a probability of exposure to dust, dirt, water, etc. 

  • Cables and power supply

Timely monitoring for cables and the camera’s power supply is important. This is important to ensure you do not suffer in case you do not realize that your system is no longer functioning normally. Non-functioning incidents are noted owing to faulty wiring, wire fuse, power failure, etc.

  • Do a quality check

Sometimes the cameras do not give out visuals or screenings in the desired clarity or quality. One must be aware of this shortcoming in advance and not wait for some mishap to check on the recordings. 

  • Landscape

If not done till now, make sure your outer cameras have a 360° view. This must be cleared of any landscaping obstructions (trees, bushes, poles, etc.). Trim off any obstructions that have grown with time for clear visuals.

Why is that important? You will not want to face frustration on seeing recordings with visuals blocked due to trees or bushes!


A multitude of factors (as mentioned above) can be held responsible for the non-functioning or inadequate performance of security cameras which must be dealt with at the earliest. Quarterly or semi-annual inspections to check for loose connections, faulty wirings, broken cables, dust and dirt collection, corrosion, poor power supply, damaged lenses, electrical surges, water splashes, wind erosions, etc. must be done. 

Make a routine of randomly checking the video recordings to be sure of proper functioning cameras. In addition, do not linger on or delay the decision of replacing or upgrading your security camera systems for long. 

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