The first security camera many people purchase is often a hidden WiFi camera, otherwise known as a 'nanny cam'. Typically, couples buy these unobtrusive devices in order to keep tabs on a babysitter, au pair, or maid.

In each of the 50 United States, it is completely legal to install a nanny camera, and you are equally within your rights to videotape without the consent or knowledge of the person watching your children or cleaning your house. However, to stay on the right side of the law you should also install it in a common area like a living room, kitchen, or your child's bedroom.
Maid caught on nanny spy camera
Installing a hidden WiFi camera gives you, the parent, peace of mind that the person you hired to watch your child or tidy up the house is not taking advantage of your good nature by ignoring or abusing the child, or stealing your personal possessions.

As well, parents may choose to buy a hidden camera in order to see what is happening when older children are at home by themselves without a guardian.

All of the cameras we carry in this range are simple to install, affordable, and are easy to hide because they look like common household devices such as a digital clock, speakers, wall outlet, or even a book. Spy cameras give you the power to monitor your children's caretakers, check up on your teenagers, keep an eye on elderly relatives, or just ensure that no one is in your home or office that shouldn't be.

Many nanny cams have motion detection technology that allows them to begin recording once someone enters the room. They can also display the video on your smart phone or computer so that you can check in periodically while at the office or out to dinner. These advanced systems connect to your WiFi network and allow you to watch the live stream remotely from wherever you are.

One of the wisest decisions you will ever make is to use a hidden WiFi camera to ensure that the people you have invited into your home are doing the right thing.