CCTV cameras for video surveillance and security have seen a surge in recent years. Many small business owners are resorting to adding camera-based surveillance mechanisms to keep themselves ahead in the security game and also to keep their businesses flourishing. 

The best security cameras for small business owners can be determined based on various factors and conditions. As a business owner, you need to understand and do your share of homework before choosing the best security camera for your business.

Note: Take into account your state’s surveillance laws before installing CCTV cameras to not land up in jail or court over privacy violations.

Let’s first get started with the types of camera security systems available at your disposal:

1. Wired security system

As the name suggests, a cable runs from the camera to a recorder, which further connects to a router. You can choose either to go for a separate power cord or a Power over the Ethernet cable (having a single cable for both power and internet). 

This is the most traditional, widely-used, highly reliable, and long-term security system. If your business has a permanent location, you might be able to take up the pain that comes with the installation.

2. Wireless security system

These systems require wire just for the power. Rest they connect to your Wi-Fi for a seamless video footage transmission. This is ideal for rented business places and has an easy installation mechanism. Though you might experience a shortage of cloud-based storage space for your videos someday!

3. Wire-free security system

They’re ideal for transmitting any video footage wirelessly to the cloud without the need for any cables, as they’re battery-operated. But they require a good Wi-Fi network!

What questions do you need to ask yourself before choosing the best security cameras for a small business type like yours?

1. What’s the budget?

2. Is there a need for the installation of cameras indoors, outdoors, or both?

3. Are the cameras motion-detection-based or 24/7 continuous video recording based?

4. How much device and cloud storage does the camera come with?

5. Whether a wired, wireless, or wire-free system is required?

6. What size of the lens, lighting level, sharpness, resolution, and video quality are desired?

7. Does the security system come with an app to view remotely?

8. Does the camera security system require advanced features like a facial recognition system, infrared availability, and a two-way audio facility?

9. How many cameras would be required in total?

Platinum CCTVhelps you answer all your questions based on various factors and your preferences for the best security cameras for small business owners like you. They suggest the system that would work the best for your business type!

But what are the advantages of choosing the ideal and best security cameras for small business types?

1. Reduced chances of theft

Strategic placement of CCTV cameras across the entire business space ensures reduced or even no chances of forced check-ins, vandalism, and even other criminal acts. Not just the thieves, but even your employees will always be alerted of the fact that they’re being monitored all the time. So they’ll not go ahead with their plans of conducting any criminal activity.

2. Reduced overall costs

Rather than getting paid security officials, installing cameras helps in saving up these monthly security costs. Installation cost might be a bit high, but the entire system is long-lasting, full-proof, advanced, and more reliable.

3. Overall improved business operations and customer shopping experience

Video surveillance can help improve productivity at the workplace by revealing problems with your staff, employees shirking their responsibilities, taking too many breaks, or even addressing any kind of sexual assault at the workplace.

As for your customers, you can provide them with a better shopping experience by viewing video recordings of an entire day to know what customers are liking at the business and whatnot. This can help you take appropriate measures for them to come to you again and again.

4. Help you against false frauds or claims

By having the best security cameras for small business types like yours, you can abstain from any false claims or even frauds by having full-proof video recordings. One of the worst incidents that can happen to any business besides burglary is being sued and on top of that, not being able to prove it wrong. Any legal, harassment, injury, or accident issue will be well-resolved in case of video evidence.

5. Get help in reduced insurance costs

Lastly, the best security cameras for small business owners like you can help you save money on insurance. Your insurance provider will be well-assured of you taking due precautions for the safety of your business, thus making their job easy. This results in you getting insurance at discounted rates in return!

So you see how a properly installed CCTV surveillance mechanism can help you more than catching thieves or protecting your business from any kind of criminal activity.

But where can you install the video security system?

1. Points of transaction

2. Storage areas in case of retail businesses

3. Entry and exit points

4. Reception desks

5. Isolated or remote areas

So you see, you need to monitor both the areas that receive heavy customer footfall and those which don’t. You can never be assured of the place or area of theft or any other crime.

Having a dedicated system in place solves a lot more problems than you can even think of.

Note: Train your employees to take your security game a notch higher and more reliable as well.

Partner with Platinum CCTVfor all your CCTV surveillance needs and requirements. They’ll be more than happy to cater to your business type and security type needed. Check them out here for a more detailed and enhanced view of options available at your disposal. Don’t take the security of your business lightly.