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Westmont Security Camera Installations

Westmont clients love our AVM NVR systems for their homes and businesses, and it is really no surprise at all. You have found a company that really cares about the security of our clients and their properties. We only do security cameras, and we do them well! Our security camera systems are designed to provide you with the latest technology to not only record what is happening at your home or business, but also to keep you informed. We have been remotely monitoring homes and businesses since the days of dial up internet and flip phones.

Our AVM (Advanced Video Management) NVR systems are a unique and novel approach to video security, providing the ability to scan through days, weeks or even months of video in seconds visually. This one feature will save you hours of time when you need to use your video, and will allow you to use your video for far more than any other system. Our clients will use their video for management of their business, not just for break-ins or vandalism.

The advantage of our AVM system goes far beyond the amazing technology that we employ. When you have a Platinum CCTV system, you are helped by technicians who care about your security and want to keep your camera system in Westmont up and running. Our remote technical support is free. We want to keep your system running well, because we care, but also because you are our best advertisement for future clients as well.

#1 Our Technology is the best!

Our security camera technology is second to none. Platinum CCTV has been on the forefront of CCTV development for nearly 20 years, pioneering remote access to cameras back in the days of flip phones and dial-up internet, and we have continued to push all of the limits since then, ensuring that our clients get the latest and greatest technology to help them protect their home or business in Westmont.

Quality security camera systems start with the DVR or NVR, and that is where we started our development. The NVR is the most important part of your security camera system Our AVM (Advanced Video Management) system is a ground-up redesign of the way our clients access their cameras. This is the secret sauce that makes the difference between a system you will use and one that you won't. This innovative software ensures that you will always have Real-Time and high quality remote security camera footage from anywhere in the world. This is something that most systems fail at because their recorders cannot keep up with the needs of today's video recording, let alone tagging on remote access. Our recorders have more processing power and far better software that makes use of that processing.

Finding your video easily is what will make your camera system more useful, turning it from a 'necessary expense' into a 'valuable asset' for your home or business. This is why the first innovative change we made to our DVRs and NVRs, was to add processing power and the ability to scan through days, weeks or even months of video in seconds visually even remotely. This one feature alone makes your camera system far more valuable and allows you to truly use your system.

When your security matters, Trust Platinum CCTV

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Find your video fast

We constantly hear from our clients, that what they love the most about their security camera system in Westmont is the fast video scanning and searching. Our exclusive AVM software allows you to scan through days, weeks or even months of video in seconds visually. This means you can quickly use your video footage to see more than just major break-in or vandalism events, but instead can use it to see who was on your property this week, or find out if the trash company came to pick up the bin, check the invoice for snow plowing in the winter, find your hose that disappeared from the backyard, or much more. Access to video instantly and easily means that you will really want to use your video footage, and makes your camera system a sound investment.

Fast video scanning is something our clients have been doing for nearly 20 years, but is also our most basic video search method. Our AVM system can also allow you to search for motion in certain areas of a picture to quickly find individual movements on the screen, and run searches for vehicles and people with smart AI cameras. The combination of all playback methods makes our NVR system the best choice for your home or business.

When video playback scanning is easy, you will get more use out of your system

The Best Quality Video

Security camera systems often advertise the resolution of the cameras that they employ. So you might think that 2 systems with 2K or 4K resolution would look the same during playback. However, that could not be farther from the truth. Resolution is just one of the factors that affects video quality, and not even the most important one. The resolution of a camera is the number of pixels or dots that make up each still image. While the more pixels you have the better, usually, it idoes not give the full 'picture' when it comes to quality of the video. Video compression is built on the number of pixels, bitrate, framerate and color depth. All of these factors must work together to provide the perceived 'quality' of video.

On many cheap DVRs and NVRs, you will find that video images look clear, but only until something moves on-screen. This is because their processors cannot keep up with the video. When the processor keep up, video comes out of sync with reality, or the bitrate must be reduced. This is what causes video to get blocky or pixelated when a vehicle, person or even a tree are moving on the screen. This is why we encourage our clients to look very closely at the video on systems they are considering. Our AVM System can record at the full bitrate, framerate, color depth and resolution provided by the cameras, giving you better quality without even upgrading your cameras.

One look at the video quality from our AVM system, and we are sure you will be amazed. The NVR is the most important part of your security camera system, and ours does it right. The secret is that our NVRs have 1000s of times more processing power compared with traditional recorders, and our proprietary CMS software. When securing your facility in Westmont, make sure you choose a camera system that will deliver the quality, bitrate, resolution and framerate you expect, both locally and remotely over the internet. our cameras

Find Vehicles and People Quickly

Our security camera systems go way beyond video playback. When incorporated with our enhanced AI compatible cameras with deep learning, you can even search through video faster to find any person or vehicle in or around your property. These HD IP Smart cameras are a great choice when it comes to fast video scanning. These cameras integrate perfectly with our AVM system and indicate to the software when a person or vehicle enters a certain zone. This VCA (Video Content Analysis) is in addition to the normal fast video scanning/searching, providing another avenue to find the video you need quickly, making the system even more useful for our clients.

These cameras can see the difference between normal motion on the screen, and actually find just the events that have persons or vehicles in them. This new VCA searching will save you even more time and provide better details about what is happening around your property. This ensures that your cameras are really working for you, not the other way around.

Our NVRs deliver, where others give only empty promises

Find Vehicles Instantly based on License plate

When license plate capture is needed, our AVM systems with ANPR technology really rise to the occasion. Our latest generation LPR cameras provide you with the ability to not only see license plates at speeds up to 75 MPH in complete darkness, but also to have the camera read the license plate into our database. By reading the characters on the plate, this data can even be searched through our CMS4 software.

This means you can search through months of video to see every time a specific vehicle entered your parking lot, or even receive a proactive text message alert when a vehicle arrives or leaves. This expanded functionality is a great addition to any Westmont business security camera system, and is just another way Platinum CCTV camera systems rise above even our clients' expectations. Find out more about our HD-LPR-ANPR cameras and see how this technology can help secure your property farther.

Even if you do not need LPR recognition immediately on your home or business camera system, selecting a system that has this capability will ensure that your camera system can keep growing with you in the future. At Platinum CCTV, we keep innovating in order to ensure that your security camera system can continue to grow as you need it. Our AVM system keeps growing with your needs. You never need to throw out your recorder and start over.

Smart Camera Alerts

Nearly every camera system available tells their clients they can receive email or text alerts or push notifications. They aren't technically lying when they say that, but ask their clients if they actually use them. You will find that most clients who have these alerts setup based on video motion receive tons of false-alerts per day, leading to them disabling those alerts. If you keep hearing an alert and find it is nothing important, your brain will stop even 'hearing' it anymore.

At Platinum CCTV, we have been doing functional and useful alerts for our clients for 20 years. Our latest alerts are based on our 8th Generation HD IP Smart cameras and their deep learning capabilities. These cameras can tell the difference between normal video motion and a person or vehicle, so that you can receive alerts ONLY when you need them. This reduces your false alerts drastically, so that your brain will hear and process the alert when it was received, so that you can react to your camera system. These alerts allow your home or business security camera system in Westmont to be proactive, letting you know when a person or vehicle is approaching or encroaching on your property.

If you want to know if a person or vehicle is on your property after hours, there is really no other option, Our AVM NVR with AI Smart cameras are the right choice for your property.At Platinum CCTV, we are experts in Smart Camera Alerting, we've been doing it for 20 years

#2 Our People are the Best!

Our Staff at Platinum CCTV

Our Staff Care

Our staff care about making sure your security needs are met

We care about our clients security. This is why even during the initial walk-through we spend the time to get to know your security needs and how you want to use your system. With over 20 years of experience in video security providing innovative and complete solutions, you can rest assured that we have your best interest in mind.

Each member of our team genuinely wants to help make certain that your property, staff and family are safe and secure. Our installers take care to work carefully around your home or business, making your installation go as smoothly as possible.

Our technical support agents likewise try to ensure that your camera system stays up and running, to make sure that you get years of service and always have someone to turn to for assistance. we don't charge for that remote tech support, because we want you to get the most use out of your system that is possible.

We Promise...then Deliver

When we tell our clients what our systems are capable of doing, we mean it. We take it very seriously when we design, build and configure your system, and have taken the time to test each and every piece of technology to ensure that it works properly from start to finish. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to video security. Each of the technologies integrated in your AVM system is carefully selected and implemented to ensure that they will work together to fit your needs, while incorporating our years of experience in each industry as well.

Most even say we undersell our technology, just to make sure that you will be amazed instead of disappointed in the outcomes. We want you to be shocked (in a good way). Rest assured, If we say it is going to happen, we make it happen.

Lifetime Technical Support

Our ongoing remote technical support for security camera systems

Most camera systems on the market have no technical support. Ours does. We don't send you to a far-off 3rd party technical support company, or send you to someone else. Our technicians are trained extensively to help get to the root of problems quickly and help ensure that your system stays up and running effectively.

We go that extra mile, because we understand that each of our clients has a need to be safe and feel protected. Each issue is treated with the utmost in care, to help reduce any potential downtime.

Our Free Remote Technical Support for our Wheaton clients is crucial to ensure that you will be able to use your camera system when you need it. We don't charge for this service, because we continue to grow through the success and happiness of each client.

Did We Say People that Care?

I simply cannot say it enough. Our success and your security relies on how much your team cares. This is why we carefully select individuals for our team who have a passion for helping people stay safe and secure. Our path to continued growth is ensuring that you get the most out of your system, and our people are dedicated to that goal.

We are all dedicated to help develop and cultivate our relationship with each client, because we consider you a part of our family.

"Michael and his team are simply amazing! They have ALWAYS gone the extra mile to assist me. I cannot thank them enough for ALWAYS being there...I am glad to call on them with all my security needs....thank you for sharing this space. I would highly recommend them to others."

Nirav S.

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Let us show you what security cameras should really look like. Visit us, or we can come to you!

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We serve many different clients in the Westmont area, installing security camera systems in small businesses, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, warehouses, landscaping facilities, churches, mosques, temples, restaurants, Police Departments, car washes, condominiums, apartment complexes, car dealerships, property management associations, schools, gas stations, grocery stores, homes and many more. Our AVM camera systems scale nicely allowing you to start with as many or as few cameras as you desire. Learn more about our different security camera systems below.

Westmont Business Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

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Westmont Manufacturing Facility Plant Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

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Westmont Warehouse Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Warehouse Systems

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Westmont Restaurant Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Restaurant Cameras

Westmont Church Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Church / Temple / Mosque Cameras

Westmont Car Wash Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Car Wash Cameras

Westmont Car Dealership Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Car Dealership Systems

Westmont Property Management Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

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Westmont School Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

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Westmont Grocery Store Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

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Westmont Gas Station Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

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Westmont Home Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Home CCTV Systems

Westmont Auto Shop Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Auto Shop Cameras


Call Now: (630)225-0693     Or Get a Quote Now

Let us show you what security cameras should really look like. Visit us, or we can come to you!

Get Started It's Easy

We know you likely are not a security professional. That's why we make it easy to learn how to protect your facility in Westmont and make the best use of your camera systems. Whether cameras are for a home or business, no worry Our systems scale with you Our software is second-to-none providing best in class remote access to video, video quality and features.

Free On-Site Consultation

Start with a phone call, and one of our experienced technicians will come out to walk your facility with you to provide a comprehensive plan for the security of your facility in Westmont or any of the surrounding areas. Easy as that.

Each of our systems is carefully designed around your needs, ensuring that the end-result is a security camera system that will fully suit your needs and budget.

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Let us show you what security cameras should really look like. Visit us, or we can come to you!

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