Tips before Installing Security Cameras

Posted by on 9/6/2020
Tips before Installing Security Cameras

With increasing cases of burglary, there has been an unprecedented rise in people buying security cameras. These cameras provide you with a metaphorical ‘extra pair of eyes’ which in turn gives assurance of safety for keeping your valuables intact.

One common question that leaves buyers confused is, ‘What are some points we need to consider before installing security cameras around the house?’ And this is why in this article we’ll mention some tips and suggestions you should pay attention to, before installing cameras.

But first, let’s know the reasons why installing security cameras are a must in the present generation.

Why install security cameras? 

  • Simply stated, the world is getting dangerous. Lack of education, unemployment and rising poverty levels have given birth to many crimes. Your assets and hard-earned money are in an insane danger as thieves and burglars are always finding a chance to break into your residence. Appointing bodyguards and watchman is way too expensive. Hence, installing a security camera in your house or workplace is both economical and safe.
  • Research says that around 34% burglars enter your house through the front side, which necessitates the presence of a security camera. When cameras come in sight of the burglars, they might not enter the house. Through security cameras, the chances of crimes can be reduced and at the same time, police can be provided help to grab the culprits.
  • Apart from preventing theft, they also help working parents keep an eye on their kids. Parents can watch their kids from their workplace by using remote monitoring feature of the system.

Tips before installing security cameras

You'll witness the full potential of security cameras once they get installed. Whether you install them on your own or have them professionally done, there are certain points you should keep in mind before installing them. Let's know some important points you need to consider: 

  1. Check if cameras are functioning properly:

  • This is the most important point you need to consider. It would be inconvenient to find, few of the cameras not working after days of installation. They might not record burglary which takes place leave you in grief and regret.
  • Hence, checking their functionality & parts is a significant step before installation.
  • We suggest 4 Camera HD TVI DVR System for Home or Business. The best part is it comes with numerous quality checks, leaving you carefree about functionality.

  1. Ensure the camera allows remote viewing:

  • You can view live video from your security cameras on an electronic watching device with the help of remote viewing. Remote viewing enables its user to watch videos or photos picked up by security cameras on a PC or mobile app through an internet connection.
  • This is an important feature to have in your cameras. And certain cameras are allowing you this convenience. 

  1. Select places of Installation:

  • Once you install security cameras at your home or business, it will take money and time to remove them for installing at some other place. Mostly this happens in cases where people aren’t satisfied with the lack of coverage of proper spots in the house.
  • This is why the cameras should be placed at spots you wish to view and survey. We suggest placing one camera near the front door as burglars may use them to enter. Don’t think of installing them at corners as it will limit your camera’s view and create blind spots.
  • Proper lighting areas are pre-requisite places to install them. Night vision feature of your camera might not pick up the facial feature of the culprit. With proper lighting and night vision, you’ll be able to see even the smallest details.
  • In case your house or working place is huge or you need more number of efficient cameras for specific locations, products such as 8 Camera HD TVI DVR System for Home or Business are best for you.
  • Once you install this system, you’ll be provided HD quality video footage of 1080p resolution. Along with its reasonable price, this system comes with night vision feature allowing the cameras to see even in complete darkness. 
  • What makes it an ideal security system for home or business is its ease of connection to your phone when you’re anywhere out. 

  1. User-friendly:

  • What’s the benefit of installing cameras if they aren't easily accessible to their owner? Make sure the cameras support easy installation. The software associated with them should be intuitive and comprehensible.

  1. Warranty:

  • The best security camera system is one which offers you better warranty. Unbranded security cameras won’t give you a warranty for more than 6 months. Whereas, branded one come with a 3-year warranty. This is why we suggest you take the wise choice when it comes to warranty

Wired or Wireless security camera system, which one is better?

Major conflict prevails in the minds of buyers regarding the purchase of wired and wireless security camera system. Many people don’t even know about them. Both come with their own pros and cons. And we’ll try to put them all together for your convenience.

  • Wireless security cameras hands down come with the easiest installation. Even, you can install them on your own without the help of a professional. This way, you’ll save money and time. Wired security cameras, on the other hand, are difficult to install on your own.
  • Wired security cameras are the most reliable camera type. Wireless cameras might skip some crucial moment of footage while experiencing instability of Wi-Fi signal, hence, not so reliable. 
  • Wired cameras require significant maintenance and care as they consist of cables and wires. They can start functioning ineffectively once these cables get damaged due to any cut or burn. Wireless cameras have no such problems as they don’t come with any cable.
  • Wired cameras are completely hack-proof whereas Wireless cameras can be hacked.
  • The cost of wired security cameras is way less than wireless ones.

Parting Notes

We hope you find the tips helpful. If you’re interested in buying good quality security cameras for your house or business, you may contact us. Other than the products mentioned above, you’ll find many more security cameras serving different purposes at PlatinumCCTV.

Visit our website or contact our supportive customer service executive anytime for any query. We’d be happy to have a chat with you.

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