Body Temp Sensing Camera for detecting elevated temperatures

A lot of businesses wonder whether the health and safety measures they’ve introduced are sufficient to keep risks at bay. The coronavirus outbreak has seen the introduction of face masks, frequent and regulated hand wash and sanitizing, and gloves. However, companies find it challenging to get everyone on board when it comes to personal protection. As lockdown and self-isolation measures are loosening up around the world, the World Health Organization warns that the spread of COVID-19 is speeding up. For businesses, the implication is significant. While more and more companies have reopened their doors and kickstarted post-lockdown activities, COVID-19 has not disappeared. According to WHO, the worst is yet to come. Therefore, it’s essential to look into protective measures that are effective, reliable, and time-saving for your company. Here is how investing in the best thermal camera system can make a difference to protect your staff, customers, and partners.
Many businesses, such as Amazon, are deploying high-temperature camera solutions in their premises to screen employees and visitors for elevated temperature. Thermography, or thermal camera imagery, is proving a fast and safe strategy to detect potential health risks.

Using temperature cameras to reduce cross-contamination

The US Centres of Disease Control states that individuals with a temperature over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit should be sent home to minimize contamination risks. Fever is one of the most common pre-screening processes; thermal cameras can provide a straightforward and contactless first-line of defense against viruses such as COVID-19. The advantage of relying on temperature monitoring applications is significant for viruses with a high contagion threat.

Manual COVID-19 tests require both contact and time.

Coronavirus testing takes timeIn a post-pandemic environment, performing manual screening tests on staff and visitors is not an easy option due to the availability of tests and the length of time it takes to receive results. These tests are the only real way to know for certain if a person has the novel coronavirus, however Thermal cameras with body temp detection can be used to help screen for elevated body temperature, which is one of the symptoms of a COVID-19 infection. Finding the best thermal camera system for your business can offer a safe response to contamination risks. Temperature-sensitive systems can screen faces through a crowd to identify individuals with a fever. Alternatively, for ID-controlled access in companies that use keycards or facial recognition, high temperature camera systems can screen employees individually and notify the company accordingly.
Our Platinum CCTV high temperature camera systems are dedicated to supporting businesses of all sizes in reducing COVID-19 contamination risks. Thermal cameras that can monitor, screen, and detect body temperature at a distance and in a short time can provide health pre-screening facilities wiht the ability to triage individuals entering the business to speed up the temperature scanning process and help your employees and clients feel better about their safety. Fully compatible with our AVM NVR software, the high temperature camera systems can be easily implemented into an existing security application. Finding the best thermal camera for your business will depend on a variety of factors:

  • The size of the company and the number of individuals you will need to screen
  • The camera application into the security strategy (room monitoring, secured access to regulated areas, etc. )


PT-AS17213X-T1 for individual screening

The tablet-style camera, PT-AS17213X-T1 HD IP security access control camera, is the ideal system for small companies. The device measures the temperature of each individual, one at a time. Fast and reliable, it provides temperature reading in 0.2 seconds, which means it doesn’t interfere with day-to-day access and operations.
The high temperature camera can be used as a standalone to monitor visitors and employees entering the premises. But it can also be used as part of regulated access control (Weiand style access control cards) as the camera can replace an existing card reader. The temperature monitoring can be implemented as additional access regulation, which can refuse access to individuals with an elevated temperature.
The thermal camera also includes facial recognition functions, which can also replace cameras that provide access through a registered face database. Facial recognition features can also be applied to monitoring that employees and visitors are following safety rules, such as wearing a mask. Failure to wear a mask will lead to forbidden access.
Small businesses such as restaurants, day spas, small warehouses, dentists, etc. can rely on the thermal and recognition functions to keep their teams and clients safe.

PT-BF5421-T for group or room screening

On the other hand, the model fever camera PT-BF5421-T is better suited for larger areas and entryways that need to screen many people as they are entering. It is the best thermal camera solution for public transports and airports, hospitals, entertainment and sports arenas, grocery stores, and assisted living facilities, for instance. Readings, with a blackbody, are accurate to 0.54°F, which means security guards can spot on the screen individuals who have an elevated temperature.
In case of risks, security teams can respond rapidly and isolate people with high thermal readings for further screening, such as asking them to measure their temperature with an FDA thermometer. If the individual has a fever, they can be referred to the relevant medical authorities or required to wear protective gear.

Advantages for the business

Temperature-monitoring camera systems can provide safe, low-contact screening that companies require to contain COVID-19 threats. The PT-AS17213X-T1 HD IP security access control camera can be set to deny access to individuals that prevent health risks with an elevated temperature. The PT-BF5421-T model fever camera enables rapid intervention and can warn security teams or relevant teams to reduce contagion risks for themselves and others.
From a business perspective, investing in a thermal camera is an essential step to protecting both employees and customers by identifying and eliminating risks quickly.

Does a fever mean you’ve got COVID-19?

Thermal cameras are not a diagnostic tool. They are a monitoring and safety awareness instrument. Elevated body temperature is one of the most common symptoms of a viral infection, including coronavirus. But these cameras are not able to scan for coronavirus, no device can do that at this time. These cameras however are an excellent tool to assist you business in pre-screening individuals as they enter the facility to provide proper triage and alert your key individuals when someone's skin temperature is high so they can enact your security protocols such as additional screening.
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