Security cameras in Warrenville, IL at our new showroom facility

Whether you are looking for a new security camera system for your home or business, or if you already are using one of our AVM (Advanced Video Management) camera systems, our Summer 2018 open house event on July 20th, 2018 is perfect for you. These Open House events are setup to allow you and your staff, family and friends to come and learn more about New Technology, learn how to use the system you have, meet our staff, enjoy food and much more.

New Technology

New 7th generation HD IP cameras with VCA analytics in our CMS4

This summer, we are highlighting new features of our AVM system and 7th Generation IP cameras:

  • Video Analytics
    • Easier Playback event lists
    • Object Detection
    • Line-Cross Detection
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Object Exit Detection

These new features make our already best in class playback even more efficient, allowing you to quickly see every vehicle that drove past, person who walked up, or much more. All of these events can be searched when you use most of our new 2K or 4K HD IP Cameras (7th generation) with our AVM NVRs. Come and see the systems in action, and see how we can make your camera system even more useful and functional.

If you haven't yet upgraded your client software to CMS4, then you are in for a real treat, as our new CMS4 application is what ties the new VCA (analytics) features in for easy access. This new platform for playback and live view of your cameras from PC or Mac makes your cameras even better than they were before, without requiring any hardware upgrade in most cases.

These new analytics features and event detection are now built-in to many of our 2K and 4K resolution HD IP cameras (7th Generation models), allowing all of our customers with AVM to benefit from the new playback capabilities and functionality.
Come and See what these new features can do for you!

Learn About Your Camera System

During our quarterly Open House events, all of our staff members are present and available to help you learn far more about your camera system than you knew before

Meet Our Staff

Our hard working staff are often behind the scenes, or in and out of your facility before you even know it. Come and put faces to the voices you hear on the phone when you call in. We love being able to do the same in our showroom.

Eat, Shoot Billiards, Play Pinball and more

Come and enjoy food and games with our staff

Our security camera showroom is set up perfectly to allow you to come in, hang out, learn more about our products but also to have fun and enjoy some games of pinball, pool or even arcade games with our staff while you are learning. We also cater the event with delicious food so that we have something for everyone. Don't let the food go to waste! Come and enjoy today.

Come and visit, learn and enjoy with our quarterly
Open House event on July 20th 2018 from 12-5PM

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