Retail Security Cameras

Retail Security Camera Systems

In today's climate, retail is tough business.  Between online competition, rising transportation and shipping costs, increasing wages and lower margins it is difficult to succeed and thrive. These issues affect every retailer from a corner C-store to a multinational franchise. Security cameras have always been a staple for all of these retailers, helping curb shrinkage (theft) and bring perpetrators to justice. However, many retail managers have found that the security camera system they have employed can take hours or even days to find the video they are looking for in their system.

Our AVM (Advanced Video Management) systems for retail locations are changing the way our customers use their security cameras. These systems deliver easy access to video both locally and remotely, and even capabilities for monitoring and remotely recording video from the stores over the internet. Our systems are security cameras reimagined with full retail management in mind. 

Have peace of mind knowing your retail establishment is secure with a high-performance, HD video retail security camera. Through an enhanced surveillance system, you will have access to video playback and convenient remote access abilities to track what is happening wherever you are, whether you are on a smartphone or PC. Order a highly secure platform from our lineup today.

Enhanced Features Include:

Easy access to Playback
(Scan through days of video in 15 seconds or less)

  • Find important video in seconds
  • Scan through and evaluate peak hours for employee scheduling
  • Find exactly when high dollar items moved from the shelves
  • Evaluate employee performance in seconds
  • Remotely playback video from home or home office
  • Check employee timecards in seconds
  • Quickly see everything that happened in a matter of seconds

Enterprise-Grade Remote Access

  • REAL-TIME remote access to live video from
    • iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phones
    • PC & Mac
  • Playback video from your devices
  • Watch multiple Franchises/Locations at once
  • Built-in Remote Recording - Copy all video to Home Office Automatically

More Adjustable Motion Detection Recording

  • 9000 Different Levels of Motion Sensitivity (most have 5-10)
  • Configurable Masking Areas
  • Store More Video with Smaller Hard Drives

Highly Secure Platform Protects Video and Personnel

  • Fully Compatible with Secure VPN Networks
  • Text/Email alerts when unauthorized access is attempted
  • More secure access means your video is protected
  • Infinite user accounts with configurable access

Easy Expansion - Compatible with all camera types

  • Easily add and incorporate traditional Analog CCTV Cameras, HD IP Cameras or HD-SDI (HD over Coax) cameras to improve coverage
  • System can be used with existing cameras as well! (call us for custom system)

Alarm System Integration (optional)

  • Receive Text/Email alerts with images when alarm system is triggered
    • Monitor product deliveries and keep visual record
    • Monitor employee arrivals
    • Arm and Disarm any alarm system from your phone
    • Schedule complex alerts based on alarm inputs, camera motion and system events

POS System Integration (optional)

  • Capture text from registers along with video - NOT like older POS overlay systems
  • Actual searchable text database allows searching by specific transaction info
    • Search video for all transactions for a specific item
    • Find all transactions rung up by a certain employee
    • See all employee sale transactions
    • Much more!
  • Watch registers and POS data remotely in REAL-TIME

SMART Cameras for Intelligent Text Alerts (optional)

  • Receive Alerts when personnel enter certain areas
  • Create bookmarks in the archive for easy access later
  • Count people and vehicles entering or leaving certain zones

Many more features

Select from Pre-Configured Systems below or Contact Us for a Custom Solution (866) 537-5438:

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4 Camera HD TVI DVR System with Basic Commercial Install* (Chicago Area Only)
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$825.00  $790.00
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4 Camera HD TVI DVR System for Home or Business
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8 Camera HD TVI DVR System with Basic Commercial Install* (Chicago Area Only)
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$1,493.60  $1,410.00
Call 630-225-0693 to Schedule Installation Free Shipping.
8 Camera HD TVI DVR System for Home or Business
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$525.00  $495.00
Ships in 1-2 days