Fake security cameras, should you use them?

When it comes to protecting a home or business, some property owners decide to simply install fake cameras instead. While from a budgetary standpoint, this may make sense as fake cameras are cheaper and easier to install, that doesn't necessarily mean that it is a good idea.

In this article, we’ll tell you 5 reasons to not use fake cameras for your home or business. But before that, let’s get to know what fake cameras are.

What are Fake Cameras?

The term explains itself. Fake cameras are those dummy devices that are used in place of real and working security cameras. They are generally made up of plastic and have minimal aesthetic works done upon them. You can buy several of them at cheap prices on the internet as they are abundantly available on online shopping sites.

Now let’s get to know the reasons why they may leave you at detrimental positions and why you should avoid buying them.

5 Reasons to not use Fake Cameras

1. Thieves can tell the difference

Yes, this is right. Believe it or not, experienced burglars keep themselves updated about the recent happening in the security appliance market. A sense of doubt may always arise in their minds whenever they see cameras installed at residential buildings or offices. Intensive research and stalking is done by them before planning to attempt robbery. And they get to know if the cameras are fake or real. This can also be true of employees of a business. Often employees of a business with cameras will 'test' the cameras out by doing something they know will cause just a little trouble for them first, to see if the cameras are real or not.

Morever, these parts of the cameras give away the answer to whether the camera is real or fake.

  • LED Lights

Real security cameras don't usually blink. Many/most fake cameras will add in a flashing light to attract attention to itself to help deliver a 'deterrent' effect. However, instead it just makes it glaringly obvious that the camera is in-fact not a camera at all. An experienced burglar would immediately be able to tell the difference.

  • Markings

Many fake cameras have overly obvious stickers or markings on them in order to make them look like they are real. Unfortunately, these attempts are often also in vain, as it just makes it obvious to the trained eye that they are not.

  • Random Movement

Many fake cameras have a built in motion sensor or optical eye that will detect motion and activate an internal motor to randomly move the camera back and forth. While there are a few real security cameras that have auto-tracking capabilities like our HD IP PTZ cameras, it is actually very difficult to tell they are moving, unlike the fake cameras which make it extremely obvious that the camera is moving. Also a real camera with auto-tracking capabilities will follow a person or vehicle, not simply pan side to side like a fake.

2. They don't necessarily save that much money

As security camera technology has matured, there are many different options and budget levels when it comes to real security camera systems. This provides many different options to provide actual coverage. While the lowest budget options aren't always the best choice for home and business installations, there are many options like our 4 Camera HD-TVI camera systems which can provide needed video coverage at prices that are almost as low as fake cameras, yet still allow expansion to better platforms later with adaptability to work with our AVM (Advanced Video Management) system in the future to deliver even better features.

At the end of the day, the peace of mind these real security cameras bring is any day worth shelling a few extra dollars.

3. Issues proving a loss for processing of Insurance Claims

In business, when a loss occurs, you hope that your insurance provider or the provider of a contractor you have had perform services will cover the losses. However, insurance companies are known to make the claim process difficult if you don’t have any evidence. Security cameras can really assist in such instances and contribute to a faster procession of claims. It is very difficult for insurance companies or even other contractors to argue when you are providing video evidence showing exactly what happened.

Add to the fact that insurance companies charge a lower claim if the insured has installed a Security camera system. This serves dual advantage where installing such cameras would be beneficial in the long run. This is why we suggest you take the help of these cameras at your home or business instead of employing fake security cameras which do not provide any evidence.

4. Detriment to trust of clients and employees

Trust is a commodity that once lost is very difficult to regain. Installing a fake camera at your business can quickly erode the trust that you have developed with your clients and employees. This happens when something occurs causing a personal loss to a client or employee and they come to you as the business owner or manager to get evidence of who wronged them. If you are employing fake cameras at your facility, then they will quickly learn this, and their trust in your business an personal ethics may be eroded, causing even greater issues in the long run.

This is why it is advised to install genuine and top-notch security cameras at your office to gain, and subsequently, sustain the trust of important stakeholders.

5. Avoiding Law Suits

Cameras provide a sense of security and this is an undisputed fact. Your employees may park their vehicles or put some valuable paraphernalia in the coverage area of the camera. However, if something gets stolen, it could land you in some legal trouble. The plaintiff may take you to court, especially if you are an employer and they have a perceived feeling of security or safety based on their belief that their property is covered by security cameras. While this is not a guarantee that they will prevail in court, it certainly presents an argument that we have seen many times in a court of law. Even if the plaintiff in the court battle does not prevail, this is still an expensive proposition to provide a defense for the business or home.

In such situations, having no cameras is better than installing fake cameras. This is why we suggest you buy business security camera systems for your office.

Alternatives to Fake Cameras

We believe the above-stated points may convince you to buy authentic cameras. They are clearly better alternatives to fake/dummy cameras. They are affordable, can be easy to install and provide real peace of mind and evidence in the event of wrong doing. Increasing innovation in technology and security devices has brought their costs down to a great extent too.

Parting Notes

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