Radar Detector Hidden Self-Contained SD Card Camera

Radar Detector Hidden Self-Contained SD Card Camera

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Part Number:SD-RD1
  • Recording:Built-in SD Card DVR with Automatic Over-Write
  • Usage:Great for recording what happens at home, in a break-room, office or more
  • Playback:Easily Playback the video on your PC/Laptop
  • Duplicate:Nanny camera hidden in a realistic duplicate

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Radar Detector Spy Camera

SD Card Spy Camera built into a real radar detector

Perfect for placement in your car or truck, our new SD-RD1 is a complete hidden spy camera built right into a radar detector. As a bonus, the radar detector is non functional, and a precise duplicate of the real thing. It blends into the surroundings, and is inconspicuous.

Simply insert an SD card into the built-in SD Card slot, and this camera will record anytime motion is detected so that you can play it back later. Now you will always know what happened while you are away from the home or office.

Watch things you couldn't see before!

Keep an eye on the home, office, relatives, or anything else

An appropriately placed spy camera can let you

  • Watch your valuables
  • Keep an eye on the kids without them knowing
  • Watch your car while gone for the day
  • View your parking location
  • Watch family members, cleaners, handymen, employees, and more!

Record your Parked Car

Now you can know what happened if someone touches your car

Ever wonder what happened to your hood ornament? Or question where that key sized scratch came from? Any vandal or thief will be clueless to the fact that they are being recorded by a covert camera hidden inside a radar detector.

Monitor your Driving

Have visual proof of the road, should an incident happen

Traffic incidents can turn into a massive legal hassle, because they often become a "one word against another" scenario. Sometimes, visual proof of an accident is the only way to win a court case, or avoid a costly legal battle all together. This hidden radar detector camera can bail you out of a major headache, before it even starts.

Watch the Parking Lot or Garage

Solve the case of who was using the computer

You aren't always around your car's garage or parking lot. Criminals enjoy hitting sparsly populated parking areas. Stop a potential crime wave before it becomes a pattern, with visual evidence from your vehicle.

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