Security cameras are not created equal. There are many, many differences and many manufacturers. For the past 3-4 years, we have been getting many calls from customers across the country who have been having a hard time connecting to their Platinum Series NVR through their web browser. These are NOT our NVRs. The quickest way to tell, is if you are using a web browser to connect to the NVR, it is not one of ours. The NVRs that are manufactured by Platinum CCTV have an app This is NOT our NVR. This is a screenshot of an LT Security Browser based NVRthat is installed on your PC or Mac to allow connection to your cameras. We do not use a web browser, for reasons that I will cover in the article below. The next way you can tell, is the part number or model number of your NVR. If the model number starts with an LT, LTD or LTN, then it is not one of our NVRs. Searching for the exact model number of your NVR should help you find the manufacturer (LTS or LT Security). They claim to offer Total solutions for Security Professionals, but unfortunately they use outdated technology like applets for browsers. Below I will explain why this technology is not recommended for HD Video viewing or playback from your DVR or NVR. We stopped using this technology 15 years ago because of its limitations.

Limitations of Browser-Based NVR access

If you open a browser to connect to your NVR security camera system, then it was not made by Platinum CCTV. Browser-based remote access to security cameras is lethargically slow due to the mechanisms that are required. This technology is also very problematic for connection, due to frequent browser updates: every time the browser updates it can either disable the applet or render it completely non-functional. If you are viewing your security cameras in this, it sucks.Browser based remote access to security cameras is also very limited in what browsers it will function with depending on the technology employed: Most systems using this technology require Internet Explorer to run ActiveX controls (this browser is no longer even supported by Microsoft, its creator).

While Internet browsers are great for many things, streaming live security cameras is not one of them. Your browser can play YouTube videos and other HD quality videos at a reasonable level, but with security cameras it requires the ability to stream multiple HD videos over a small channel and buffer video from each camera in RAM. This means that your browser is doing much more work than it was designed to do, and often it ends up overwhelming the PC by eating up too much memory on the computer. The problem starts by slowing down the PC, and grows the longer you stay connected to your cameras until even the video starts lagging, stuttering or dropping. In the end, the browser either crashes, or the computer becomes so sluggish that the user cannot use it for any purpose at all. This is not helpful for a person who wants to be able to watch their cameras, that is why Platinum CCTV does not use this technology.

NVR Solutions that Really Work

All Platinum CCTV brand NVRs use a separate application that installs on your PC or Mac to view security cameras. This avoids all of the browser-based issues because the app handles the video throughput and prevents the overloading of RAM or decreased performance of the PC. View of the Platinum CCTV CMS4 application for NVRsThis application in conjunction with the better processing power of the NVR allows you to view as many cameras at a time as you want without overloading the PC. The special CMS application connects to the NVR and tells the NVR exactly the screen resolution and which cameras are being viewed, and the NVR processes and sends just the necessary video. This reduces the load on the client PC, ensuring that the client PC receives smooth video without lagging or causing processing issues. The combination of additional processing power and capabilities on the NVR server, and an application that is designed to receive and process the video makes for a much more pleasing interface that updates much more quickly for smooth and immediate video viewing and playback. This is just one of the HUGE differences between a system designed by Platinum CCTV and other manufacturers.

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