Mesa, AZ couple caught on own security cameras setting fire to neighbors house This Couple in Mesa, Arizona found out just how useful home security cameras were, unfortunately for them...they were the ones that were caught on the cameras. They had a home security camera system installed in their home, probably to protect them. However, when their dog bit their neighbor's son and things got heated, the cameras ended up providing crucial evidence in their own arrest.
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I have always been an advocate of security cameras for both home and business. Security cameras don't lie, they always tell the truth, no matter what. For honest employees and honest people, this is a great thing. But if you are intending something nefarious yourself, then even your own security cameras can be used against you. In this case, an explosives trained dog pointed the paw on the defendants, but their own security cameras sealed their fate. Yes, just like any other evidence, your security camera footage can be subpoenaed and used against you, because to the law, footage from a security camera is truth, it cannot lie.

The moral of the story, use home security cameras to protect you. But don't burn down your neighbor's house. That is behavior that we wouldn't condone by anyone. Learn more about our Home security camera systems but don't get caught on your own cameras!