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Niles Security Camera Installations

When you are looking for a home or business security camera system in Niles, it is important to find a company that understands the technology, provides comprehensive solutions, and has caring staff to back it all up and provide technical support. Platinum CCTV is definitely the right place to look for your security camera system needs. Our technology and people are second to none, and we are the only provider that gives you the ability to scan through days, weeks or months of video visually in a matter of seconds. This lets you really use your security camera footage, making it useful for more than just vandalism, theft or loss. When it is easy to use your video, you will use the footage for much, much more.

Our AVM NVR systems were also designed with internet video access in mind. We pioneered remote video access back in the days of dial-up internet and flip phones, and have continued innovating every year since then. That is why our remote security camera video access is second to none for our clients in Niles.

When you call for a Free On-site Security Evaluation our experienced technician will come out to walk you property with you, to ensure that we are designing a camera system that will truly suit your needs and budget. There is no one-size fits all approach to security cameras and we make sure that the system we design will fit and exceed all of your needs.

#1 Our Technology is the best!

There is no comparison when it comes to advanced security camera technology. Platinum CCTV deploys state-of-the-art NVR camera systems using our AVM NVRs, providing you with only the latest in hardware and software capabilities, to ensure that your security camera system will not only suit your needs today, but will continue to rise to the challenge for years in the future.

Our AVM NVR system provides you with Real-Time & High Quality remote access from anywhere in the world, so that you can see your Niles property from anywhere in the world. Yes, every camera system offers remote access these days, but unfortunately most of them are blurry, blocky, pixelated and delayed. That is because their hardware and software cannot keep up with the demands of todays HD IP cameras. Our remote access is REAL-TIME and High Quality by taking advantage of the newest, latest and greatest hardware, and pairing it with our unique and innovative NVR software.

Our NVRs have more processing power, because we employ the latest Intel CPUs, delivering thousands of times more processing power than most embedded recorders. This means we can record video in full quality, provide better playback scanning and better remote access as well as advanced features like AI VCA video searching or LPR ANPR License Plate reading technologies.

The NVR Recorder is the most important part of your security camera system. This is why we built our security camera systems from the ground up with our own AVM software. We shed the ideas of the past, and limitations of most DVR and NVR systems, in order to deliver a security camera system that you will use and that will provide you with the quality of video when you need it.

When your security matters, Trust Platinum CCTV

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Find your video fast

If there was one feature that would make or break a business security camera system for our clients in Niles, it would most certainly be the ability to scan through video footage even remotely over the internet. This is exactly where we started when designing our AVM NVR systems. It was critical that customers would be able to scan through days, weeks or months of video visually in a matter of seconds. Our software delivered on that capability 20 years ago...and the competitors still have not caught up because their hardware and software is still rooted in the past.

With most systems, people will spend hours or even days trying to find the video that they want. This means that you will never want to devote the time to watch your video, because it takes far too long. Niles clients with security camera systems from Platinum CCTV have an entirely different experience. Since you can instantly see everything that happened today, our business owners use their cameras to see all the customers that came in through the day or week, monitor employee time cards, make staffing decisions, monitor shipments, identify problems with assembly lines, watch for a specific vehicle in a car wash or even find their sunglasses when they set them down. When video playback scanning is easy, you will get more use out of your system

The Best Quality Video

You would think that video quality would be pretty much the same if you were comparing 2 systems that stated they had the same 4K resolution. However, unfortunately this could not be farther from the truth. Most NVR and DVR systems have underpowered hardware and software, and while they advertise the 1080P, 2K or 4K resolution (or corresponding MPs) their video quality is far below what you will achieve with even the same cameras connected to a more powerful NVR like our AVM system. This is because resolution is only 1 factor when it comes to video quality, and not even the most important one. Bitrate, Framerate and color depth all have equally, if not more affect on the quality of video as resolution.

The NVRs employed by most vendors do not have the processing power (or bandwidth) to provide full quality bitrate, framerate and color depth for today's HD IP Cameras. This is why if you watch video produced by most systems, it may look great only when nothing is moving on the screen. As soon as a vehicle or person drives by, the video gets blocky or pixelated. In some cases, it is because the recorder does not have enough processing power. In other cases, it is because they are trying to do 'cloud-based' recording. We NEVER recommend cloud based recording, because today's internet connection upload speeds will not keep up with the video of even a single camera, let alone multiple. The symptoms are the same as not having enough processing power, blocky and pixelated video, just a different root cause.

One look at video from our AVM system, and you will see that our systems really deliver. Industry leaders from all over the world have come to our showroom near Niles, and cannot believe the quality and features that we have been able to harness and pack into our AVM NVRs. The secret is that our NVRs have 1000s of times more processing power compared with traditional recorders, and our proprietary CMS software. Our AVM System can record at the full bitrate, framerate, color depth and resolution provided by the cameras, giving you better quality without even upgrading your cameras

Find Vehicles and People Quickly

One of the coolest new features of our AVM NVR software is our enhanced A.I. compatibility with VCA searching. When you combine one of our new HD IP Smart cameras with our AVM software, you get a powerhouse allowing you to search through video to see everytime a person or vehicle is in a certain area, or crosses a certain line. This is separate from our fast video scanning, and makes our AVM security cameras even more useful for our clients.

The built-in AI features of the HD IP Cameras with deep learning capabilities help to ensure that you can quickly cycle through each human or vehicle on the cameras to find the particular video you are looking for even faster. This new VCA search capability will save you time, and provide you with even greater details than ever before. This ensures that your cameras are really working for you, not the other way around.

Our NVRs deliver, where others give only empty promises

Find Vehicles Instantly based on License plate

Scan through months of video to see everytime a specific vehicle was on your property. This is not science fiction, it is not something reserved just for police departments. This is what our AVM NVR systems are capable of today, using our HD-LPR-ANPR cameras. These new innovative cameras will even read the license plates on vehicles, and when paired with an NVR with enough power and great software, this means you can store each of these events in a database and quickly scan through the video to access video based on license plates.

These HD-LPR-ANPR cameras are our newest generation of License Plate capture cameras, and now come with ANPR (Automated Number Plate Reading) technology to make this license plate reading technology affordable for Niles home or business owners. These cameras capture license plates and read them even in complete darkness up to 75 mph.

Aside from searching for vehicles based on license plates, our CMS software will also allow you to receive email, text, audible or visual alerts based on a specific plate entering your property. This means you could know instantly when an ex-employee arrives on your property, or a customer who was banned. When you pair the right software with the right camera hardware, camera systems become infinitely more proactive and useful. This is always the goal of our system design at Platinum CCTV.

Even if you do not need this technology right away, it is already built-in to our AVM system, just add our HD-LPR-ANPR camera to your system later to enable this new innovative experience and search capability.

Our AVM system keeps growing with your needs. You never need to throw out your recorder and start over.

Smart Camera Alerts

Every camera system on the market will tell you that they can send you text alerts on your phone. Talk to someone who has a cloud based ring or nest camera, or any other camera that has alerts based on video motion, and you will find that they shut off the alerts almost as soon as they turn them on. That is because you want to use pixels changing on the screen to trigger recording, to ensure that you get all of the video that you need, but you do not want to send an alert every time motion is triggered.

This is why our AVM NVR system sends alerts not based on video motion, but rather in combination with one of our SMART cameras with human and vehicle detection filters. The system will still record all the motion, but it will only send alerts when the system has identified a human or vehicle in a certain area and during a certain time based on your schedule. With this level of alerting, you can receive a text alert when someone is walking up your driveway, or walking in your parking lot after hours but not receive a ton of false alerts like you would with other systems.

If you want to know if a person or vehicle is on your property after hours, there is reall no other option, Our AVM NVR with AI Smart cameras are the right choice for your property.At Platinum CCTV, we are experts in Smart Camera Alerting, we've been doing it for 20 years

#2 Our People are the Best!

Our Staff at Platinum CCTV

Our Staff Care

Our staff care about making sure your security needs are met

Our staff truly care about each and every single one of our clients, and your ability to protect your families, employees and property. This is why we take meticulous care to ensure that we have met your needs from estimate through after-installation technical support. We know we are not perfect, but we try every day to be a little better than the day before.

This is why our clients become clients for life. Even 5, 10, 15, 20 years down the road, we are still just as dedicated to ensuring that your camera system is still running in peak shape as we were the day it was installed. Our technicians are all in-house, we don't send you to an overseas call center. We know that if our customers use their camera systems regularly, we will keep on growing.

We Promise...then Deliver

In today's world, promises seem cheap. At Platinum CCTV, we have been around long enough that we understand that promises matter. Our word is our bond, and that is why we spend more time designing, testing new technology, speaking with our customers about their needs and providing support than other companies. We want to make sure from the moment you first contact us through the rest of the time you own your property in Niles, that your security needs will be met.

When we tell you what our technology is capable of, rest assured we have tested it and even broken it every way we could. This way we know each and every limit of the technology, so that we can design your camera system to suit your needs. We are careful to undersell each new technology, so that we know when we say it will do something, that it will, everytime. We prefer our clients to be shocked by how much better our cameras are than what they expected. If we say it is going to happen, we make it happen.

Lifetime Technical Support

Our ongoing remote technical support for security camera systems

Most camera systems on the market have no technical support. Ours does. You won't be pawned off on a 3rd party company, or told that we cannot help you. Our tech support department is highly trained, capable and caring and determined to make sure that you will get the most out of your cameras. If you are using your cameras constantly, then you come to rely on them. We understand this, and this is why we go the extra mile for every client.

Our Free Remote Technical Support for our Niles clients is crucial tp ensure that our you will be able to use your camera system when you need it. We don't charge for this service, because we continue to grow through the success and happiness of each client.

Did We Say People that Care?

I can't say it enough. Our team really cares to take the time and make sure that each of our clients is able to make the best use of your camera system. We continue to grow, because of the strength, knowledge and attitude of each of our team members. We are all dedicated to help develop and cultivate our relationship with each client, because we consider you a part of our family.

"Michael and his team are simply amazing! They have ALWAYS gone the extra mile to assist me. I cannot thank them enough for ALWAYS being there...I am glad to call on them with all my security needs....thank you for sharing this space. I would highly recommend them to others."

Nirav S.

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Let us show you what security cameras should really look like. Visit us, or we can come to you!

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We serve many different clients in the Niles area, installing security camera systems in small businesses, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, warehouses, landscaping facilities, churches, mosques, temples, restaurants, Police Departments, car washes, condominiums, apartment complexes, car dealerships, property management associations, schools, gas stations, grocery stores, homes and many more. Our AVM camera systems scale nicely allowing you to start with as many or as few cameras as you desire. Learn more about our different security camera systems below.

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Niles Manufacturing Facility Plant Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

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Let us show you what security cameras should really look like. Visit us, or we can come to you!

Get Started It's Easy

We know you likely are not a security professional. That's why we make it easy to learn how to protect your facility in Niles and make the best use of your camera systems. Whether cameras are for a home or business, no worry Our systems scale with you Our software is second-to-none providing best in class remote access to video, video quality and features.

Free On-Site Consultation

Start with a phone call, and one of our experienced technicians will come out to walk your facility with you to provide a comprehensive plan for the security of your facility in Niles or any of the surrounding areas. Easy as that.

Each of our systems is carefully designed around your needs, ensuring that the end-result is a security camera system that will fully suit your needs and budget.

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Let us show you what security cameras should really look like. Visit us, or we can come to you!

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