Traditionally, nanny cameras have been self-contained cameras that were designed to look like certain devices, and record onto an SD card that was installed in the device. While these devices are still popular and can provide video after the fact, many customers would prefer to be able to watch while something is occurring as well. Our new WiFi-Enabled Nanny cameras let you watch your home or office remotely from your iPhone, Android, PC or Mac.

Remotely watch your home or business with these WiFi Nanny Spy CamerasThese advanced nanny cameras plug into power for continuous use, and connect to your WiFi network, to allow you to stream video wirelessly over the internet to your phone or computer. These cameras really let you take the next step for security of your home, without needing to install an entire system!

Secure encrypted WiFi communications means that your video is still secure on your network, and even a tech-saavy individual will not know that you are watching. These cameras come in many different varieties, installed in many completely functional devices ranging from smoke detectors, coffee makers, boom boxes, alarm clocks, iPhone docks, outdoor speakers and even televisions.

These cameras are useful for homeowners who have contractors doing work in the house, parents who need to be able to keep an eye on their children, overworked moms who need to be sure their nanny is caring for their child, watching the maid to ensure the house is cleaned, or even monitoring home healthcare workers. Each custom assembled camera is constructed from real, name brand equipment, which is dismantled and a hidden camera installed inside with WiFi capabilities. This means that people in your home or office will never know that there was a camera watching them.

Instant access over the internet means that you can 'stop in' your home or office at any time to ensure that everything is going well. Never wonder what is happening again, instead you will know.


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