LPR - License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition

Keeping with the tradition of pushing our industry further than all other competition, Platinum CCTV is pleased to release the latest version of our AVM (Advanced Video Management) platform, now including License Plate Recognition technology. Now each and every 8+ camera HD IP Camera system includes LPR license for recognizing and even tripping off events based on license plate capture. This new upgrade to the software delivers industry leading capabilities, that now allows any home or business owner to watch for certain license plates, or even just call up video based on license plates.

This new software delivers functionality undreamed of in small commercial security camera systems, and previously only available to government installations. This new feature allows you to use current camera technology, together with the built-in OCR capabilities of the AVM software, to capture, read and log license plates in your security camera system so that you can call them up easily. Once logged into the database, the system takes a snapshot of the plate that was read, and can even be correlated with an owner, which will appear when the plate is captured in the future. Call up information and even see the video based on plates that you sesarch for in the system.

Extending your system to license plate capture can be done with virtually any security camera, but is best performed using a camera zoomed in on a pinch-point where vehicles must be forced to drive through to enter and/or exit your facility. Further improving the capture of license plates, it is recommended to ensure vehicles are captured at a point where they must slow down when driving past the camera's view. Accomplishing this can be done by installing a speed bump or other impediment which will force drivers to decrease their speed. After installation and calibration, you will be able to watch the license plates in real time, so it will be easy to determine if the system is well suited for the area. In events where the plate is too small, a camera with a longer range zoom can be used, or the camera can be placed closer; alternately, when the vehicles are moving too fast for reliable capture, it would be recommended to employ an external method to slow vehicles down.

Platinum CCTV can provide assistance in layout and implementation of your new AVM system with LPR (License Plate Recognition), give us a call for further assistance, demonstration and design for your new system, or upgrade of your current system.

License Plate Recognition

  • Capture License Plates for vehicles entering and leaving
  • Program Alerts when specific vehicles enter or leave
  • Associate person's picture and data with license plates
  • Count vehicles entering or leaving and/or time spent
  • Search video based on specific or partial license plates

Take your Security Camera System to the Next Level

Any of our AVM Systems can be upgraded to add this technology
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