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Joliet Security Camera Installations

Business and homeowners in Joliet put their trust in Platinum CCTV for their security camera CCTV needs on a daily basis. Unlike most companies, we concentrate solely on security camera systems. Our AVM Security camera systems are designed with your specific needs in mind, and we take the time to carefully review all of the available options with you, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Our quotes include multiple options to help you find the best fit for your budget and the requirements of your home or business in Joliet.


#1 Our Technology is the best!


Remote access is now a standard feature in most camera systems, but not all of them prioritize it. Our clients have been remotely accessing their security cameras for a long time, even before smartphones and high-speed internet were common. Our system's evolution has been faster than that of the internet because of our unwavering commitment to providing remote video access.

Our AVM NVR systems deliver real-time, high-quality video from any location on the planet. Simply compare our app to other camera systems, and you'll immediately notice the difference. Merely having an internet connection and a phone app isn't enough. When it counts, the quality of the hardware and software can make all the difference in the world for your security cameras.

Scan thorugh days, weeks or even months of video in seconds visually

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Find your video fast

The limited hardware and confusing software in most security camera systems make it nearly impossible to find the necessary video. Our systems are designed to provide you with lightning-fast visual access to your video. With our AVM NVRs, you can easily scan through days, weeks, or even months of video, even remotely.

Your security cameras have more uses than just security. Our clients use their cameras to gain additional insights into their lives, business activities and be able to better manage their facilities and personnel. Cameras should work for you, not against you. This has been crucial since our inception, and the industry is still far behind.

When video is easy to find, that video is useful

The Best Quality Video

With our AVM NVRs, you can expect better video quality than what you'd get with other recorders. Our NVRs boast superior processing capabilities and software, which enable them to deliver outstanding video quality. While many systems emphasize high-resolution video, it's important to note that bitrate plays a crucial role in determining video quality when there's movement on the screen.

Unlike most standalone DVRs and NVRs, which are antiquated and lack processing power, our AVM NVRs are designed with the latest Intel processors, RAM, and software. These cutting-edge components provide tens of thousands of times more processing power than their standalone counterparts. In addition, our NVRs are designed with sufficient cooling to handle the heat generated by their processing power.

One of the most obvious benefits of the processing power and software in our AVM NVRs is the consistently high quality of the video, even when there is movement on the screen. Unlike many other security systems, which can only deliver clear video when there is little or no movement, our systems are designed to handle the maximum bitrate that today's high-definition cameras are capable of providing. This means you can enjoy sharp, clear video footage no matter what's happening on the screen.

Our AVM System can record at the full bitrate, framerate, color depth and resolution provided by the cameras, giving you better quality without even upgrading your cameras

Find Vehicles and People Quickly

Customers often use the phrase "lightning fast" to describe the speed of our AVM system with CMS4 software. It is unmatched in the industry and when combined with our latest generation of HD IP Cameras, which have built-in A.I. capabilities, allowing for instant scanning through days or weeks of video to pinpoint persons or vehicles in specific zones.

Our NVR system with built-in A.I. and VCA technology not only records all movements but also identifies human and vehicle events within designated areas, which can also be instantly accessed and alerted on.

Our NVRs deliver, where others give only empty promises

Find Vehicles Instantly based on License plate

Our new License Plate cameras, when paired with our AVM NVR system, are a popular choice among our clients. These cameras can capture license plates at speeds of up to 75 Miles per Hour in pitch black conditions and also read the license plates, allowing the data to be stored in your database for easier access. This innovative technology makes it faster for you to determine when customers or employees arrive or leave your facility.

With the use of our ANPR LPR Cameras, you can enhance the security of your propertt by receiving alerts when vehicles enter your parking lot, allowing you to identify potential threats early on and take appropriate action where necessary.

Smart Camera Alerts

We believe that surveillance systems should be pro-active, not just reactive. That's why our AVM NVR software is designed to provide smart alerts, rather than constant motion-triggered notifications that can be a nuisance. With our 8th generation HD IP cameras equipped with A.I. capabilities, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you'll only be notified when it's necessary.

At our company, we take a proactive approach to surveillance. By designing camera systems with our powerful AVM NVR software, we're able to create smarter alerts that notify you only when there's a security breach. Our 8th generation HD IP cameras with A.I. capabilities can differentiate between different types of motion, so you're not overwhelmed with all of the false positives.

At Platinum CCTV, we are experts in Smart Camera Alerting, we've been doing it for 20 years


#2 Our People are the Best!

Our Staff at Platinum CCTV

Our Staff Care

Our staff care about making sure your security needs are met

Our team members are passionate about providing our clients with the highest level of support and service. We understand that your camera system is an important investment in the safety and security of you, your people as well as your property, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Whether you need assistance with your system during the installation process or years after your purchase, our caring staff members are always here to help.

We believe that everyone deserves to be protected.

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond just installing a camera system. We believe that everyone deserves to feel safe and secure in their own space, which is why we're passionate about providing reliable and effective camera systems that can be used for years to come. Our team of experts is always here to help, whether it's answering questions, providing support, or simply offering advice.

We want our clients to use their camera systems, because your happiness is what helps us grow


We Promise...then Deliver

When we make a promise at Platinum CCTV, we mean it. We understand that words are important, and we choose them carefully to ensure that our clients always know that they can count on us. It's not always easy, but we are committed to upholding our promises with every client, every time.

To ensure that we can live up to our promises, we thoroughly test each product, studying it to understand its capabilities and limitations. We pride ourselves on being honest with our clients and always delivering on our commitments. If we say it is going to happen, we make it happen.

Lifetime Technical Support

Our ongoing remote technical support for security camera systems

Most camera systems have little to no technical support. Ours is the exception. Our clients are the reason we are in business and we know that their success is our success. That's why we provide free remote technical support and always have our caring staff available to help. We never send our clients to a third-party call center because we know that personalized assistance is what sets us apart.

We provide remote technical support that allows us to diagnose and solve problems without the need for costly service calls. Our Free Remote Technical Support for our Joliet clients is crucial in ensuring that our clients will be able to use their systems when they need it. We don't charge for this service, because we continue to grow through the success and happiness of each client.

Did We Say People that Care?

We cannot overstate the importance of our people when it comes to our clients' security. You will see it from the moment you reach out to us, and it doesn't end there. Our team members form meaningful relationships with our clients because we truly care about their safety and security. We are committed to delivering excellent service, and our expertise and commitment to excellence have aided us in growing and expanding our business over the past 20 years. We would be honored to assist you with your security requirements.

"Michael and his team are simply amazing! They have ALWAYS gone the extra mile to assist me. I cannot thank them enough for ALWAYS being there...I am glad to call on them with all my security needs....thank you for sharing this space. I would highly recommend them to others."

Nirav S.

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Let us show you what security cameras should really look like. Visit us, or we can come to you!

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We serve many different clients in the Joliet area, installing security camera systems in small businesses, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, warehouses, landscaping facilities, churches, mosques, temples, restaurants, Police Departments, car washes, condominiums, apartment complexes, car dealerships, property management associations, schools, gas stations, grocery stores, homes and many more. Our AVM camera systems scale nicely allowing you to start with as many or as few cameras as you desire. Learn more about our different security camera systems below.

Joliet Business Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Business Security Cameras

Joliet Manufacturing Facility Plant Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Manufacturing Cameras

Joliet Warehouse Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

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Joliet Police Department Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Police Dept Camera Systems

Joliet Restaurant Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Restaurant Cameras

Joliet Church Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Church / Temple / Mosque Cameras

Joliet Car Wash Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Car Wash Cameras

Joliet Car Dealership Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Car Dealership Systems

Joliet Property Management Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Property Management Camera Systems

Joliet School Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

School Security Cameras

Joliet Grocery Store Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Grocery Store Cameras

Joliet Gas Station Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Gas Station Security Cameras

Joliet Home Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Home CCTV Systems

Joliet Auto Shop Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Auto Shop Cameras


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Let us show you what security cameras should really look like. Visit us, or we can come to you!

Get Started It's Easy

We know you likely are not a security professional. That's why we make it easy to learn how to protect your facility in Joliet and make the best use of your camera systems. Whether cameras are for a home or business, no worry Our systems scale with you Our software is second-to-none providing best in class remote access to video, video quality and features.

Free On-Site Consultation

Start with a phone call, and one of our experienced technicians will come out to walk your facility with you to provide a comprehensive plan for the security of your facility in Joliet or any of the surrounding areas. Easy as that.

Each of our systems is carefully designed around your needs, ensuring that the end-result is a security camera system that will fully suit your needs and budget.

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Let us show you what security cameras should really look like. Visit us, or we can come to you!

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Our Security Camera Showroom near Joliet, IL. Come see what security cameras should really look like.We are unique in that we have technology to show off that dominates the field, so we have devoted an entire showroom to helping educate business owners, managers and home-owners in the latest CCTV security camera technology. Stop in our showroom near Joliet, IL and even Test Drive our AVM system Today and compare with other systems right in our showroom.


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