One of the most desirable features in a home security camera system, is the ability to access your cameras from your phone. We know how important this is, because we have been doing this since the days of the flip phone - REALLY. Back in those days, no other brand of home security camera system even dreamed of that level of remote access, giving our customers features that would WOW. Fast forward to today, and iPhone access to home cameras is almost a requirement for most systems.

This is great, because everyone with an iPhone would love to be able to quickly connect in, see their childrean, watch the nanny or babysitter, make sure elderly are getting proper care or even just check in to make sure the garage door was shut when you left home. However, there is a big difference in functionality between systems which should be considered when selecting a security camera system for your home.

Many camera systems are the same old hardware that they have been selling for years, and just add remote access functionality for phones on top of that. What this means to you, is that hardware that is designed just to process the video and record it onto a hard drive, is now trying to push the video out over the internet for your access = slower video with greater lag time.

Remotely watch your home or business with these WiFi Nanny Spy CamerasOur AVM systems were designed with remote access from phones in mind from the beginning and we continue to evolve this access to ensure instant, real-time remote access to your cameras. This way, you always see what is happening now, with added features to ensure your home cameras will become your eyes and ears. These AVM systems have 1000's of times the processing capabilities of a cheap standalone DVR, it is exactly like comparing a 486 processor from the 80's to todays i5 or i7 CPUs!

Added Remote Features Provided by our AVM Systems

  • Adjust quality of your cameras on-the-fly - This lets you dial back quality when your phone's internet is slow
  • Watch all cameras at once, or one camera full screen - This allows you to watch the cameras how you want
  • Playback Video on your Phone - Search through recorded video right from your iPhone
  • Connect to multiple systems at once - This allows you to watch cameras from your home and office at the same time
  • Control Alarm Inputs and Outputs - Right from your phone, you can integrate your cameras with home automation or alarm systems, and control their features right from the app
  • Save Snapshots - See something happening live? Save an image right to your camera roll
  • Track Motion - Motion tracking can pop cameras up to full screen as they get motion, so you don't miss a thing
  • Digital Zoom - This feature is perfect for newer HD cameras, allowing you to pinch to zoom and get the full quality of the camera, even on your phone
  • Support for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phones, PC and Mac = Connect from anywhere and virtually anything

. Our new WiFi-Enabled Nanny cameras let you watch your home or office remotely from your iPhone, Android, PC or Mac.

Remotely watch your home or business with these WiFi Nanny Spy CamerasSo prior to selecting your new home security camera system, or upgrading your existing system, consider not just that your system have "iPhone Compatibility" but also the features that are offered by the system.

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