House Plant Hidden WiFi Camera

House Plant Hidden WiFi Camera

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Part Number:WiFi-PLT1
  • Recording:Record over WiFi or even Internet onto your PC
  • Usage:Great for recording what happens at home, in a break-room, office or more
  • Device:Built into a false house plant
  • Wireless:Built-in WiFi Networking lets you connect to your camera from anywhere
  • Remote Access:Watch your camera live from iPhone, Android or PC

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House Plant Spy Camera

WiFi Spy Camera built into a real House Plant

Want to watch what happens at your home or office remotely from anywhere in the world? Our WiFi House Plant Hidden (WiFi-PLT1) camera allows you to do so. This covert style nanny camera blends right in to your surroundings, whether it be in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or even sitting on your desk. These House Plants are authentic, and are not easily decernable to be cameras.

This innovative camera connects right to your wifi network, enabling remote viewing and, recording, and playback on computers and mobile devices. Use it to discretely monitor your home or workplace. Now you will always know what happened while you are away from the home or office.

Watch your camera from anywhere

WiFi lets you see from iPhone and Android

Watch your business or home from anywhere over the internet. This advanced hidden nanny camera connects to your WiFi network, allowing you to easily stream video from anywhere in the world on your iPhone or Android phone. Now you can check in on the family, workplace, or home from wherever you are. Now you can be everywhere at once!

Watch things you couldn't see before!

Keep an eye on the home, office, relatives, or anything else

An appropriately placed spy camera can let you

  • Watch your valuables
  • Keep an eye on the kids without them knowing
  • Watch roommates while you are gone
  • View your home covertly
  • Watch family members, cleaners, repairmen, employees, and more!

Record the Cleaning Service

Now you can know what happened should something vanish

Ever wonder how your carpet got stained, or how a figurine broke? Sometimes the maid may be breaking things and covering it up, or even stealing valuables from your home without you knowing.  Many of our customers have found this to be the case. With one of these cameras in place in your living room, you will not have to wonder anymore. You will really know how trustworthy your cleaning lady is.

Protect your Family

Keep an eye on elderly or disabled family members

Our elderly and disabled family members cannot always watch out for themselves, or in some cases, even let us know what is happening to them when we aren't there. Many require caregivers to function. This is where a WiFi nanny camera becomes very useful. Unfortunately, there are many cases of elderly abuse that go undiscovered every year. By keeping an eye on our family members, we can ensure they are always getting the care they need, and rescue them when they aren't.

Record right onto your PC

Included software for video recording

This camera comes with video recording software that will allow you to record from the camera right onto your PC, whether it is in the same building or over the internet. Record from your home camera to your office, or vice versa, so the video cannot even be stolen and no one can find the recorder.

Monitor your children

You aren't always around, but you can ALWAYS know

You aren't always home to see what your children are doing, but with a hidden nanny camera in place, you can always know what is going on. Our full line of discrete nanny cameras provide you with the ability to capture video anywhere in your home. This hidden House Plant camera is ideal for viewing the kids, and see if they are up to no good. See exactly what they might be up to, without them even knowing.

Watch your Office

Solve the case of who has been grabbing from your desk

You aren't always around your office at work, but with a spy camera in place, you can always know what occurred. Our full line of hidden nanny cameras provide you with the ability to capture video anywhere in your office or workplace. This hidden House Plant camera is perfect for discretely watching cubicles, desks, or offices. Now you can find out who might be going through your desk when you are not around.

View the Babysitter or Nanny

Find out if you selected the right childcare

You aren't always home to see what children are doing, which is why you may have a nanny or babysitter. However, the person you hire isn't always doing their job. Our full line of hidden nanny cameras provide you with the ability to capture video anywhere in your home. This hidden House Plant camera is perfect for watching any room in the house, where the person who's supposed to be watching your kids might be slacking off instead. Trust, but check is a motto to live by. Ensure that people who are in your home are doing what they are supposed to do, your children depend on it.

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