Did you ever think about what you would use your security camera for?

That might sound like a dumb question, but hear us out once.

Every other person, while getting their security cameras installed would never have asked themselves this question. The plain and simple answer would be “to keep my place of interest secure”.

Well, granted. That’s what security cameras are supposed to do. But what if we told you that there’s a lot more you could do using your security cameras? Yes, just the security cameras.

Keep reading this article further to know exactly what we are talking about. Here are some fun and cool things you can do using your security cameras. From amazing time-lapses to playing pranks on your loved ones, we’ve covered it all.

  • Solve The Mysteries

Who ate the cake you left for yourself in the fridge? Who tore the pillow apart and made your bedroom a room full of feathers? Is it the dog?

Now, no one likes to be kept in the dark. Get these mysteries of your humble abode solved just by having one look at your security camera footage to find out what exactly happened.

  • Record Time Lapses

Want to record that sunrise but aren’t able to wake up on time? Leave it on your security camera. Yes, you heard that right.

Get that perfect time-lapse on your home installed security camera with HD quality footage. Platinum CCTV’s Home Standalone Systems help you get those HD quality videos at an optimum price while keeping your home safe and secure.

So, the next time the inner creator inside of you calls, you just need to install a security camera!

  • Witness Animal Life

Security cameras can help you witness some moments that you could never do yourself even when you would’ve been present there.

Haven’t all of us seen some amazing YouTube videos of animals doing some interesting and amazing stuff when they realize no one’s around them? So, if you are someone who witnesses frequent visits from animals nearby and wants to record them, then we might just have the perfect tool for you.

Get those interesting animal life shots sitting at home. Whether you own a farm or you just want to record your dog’s cute moments, your security camera might assist you with all of it.

  • It’s A Prank!

Yes, pranks. 

Ever thought of doing so with your security camera?

You can plan some amazing pranks and record unadulterated emotions and reactions of the person who has been pranked.

  • Live Stream

If watching reality TV and witnessing social experiment videos on YouTube is your favorite pastime, then this point is for you.

Live stream a social experiment to make some interesting and valuable content for yourself through pre-installed security cameras.

  • Scare Away The Pests

Tired of raccoons, squirrels, and other rodents eating away your organic garden?

Not anymore. Use our smart motion detection cameras to ensure that every movement in front of your camera is accounted for. Scare away the rodents using our cameras. Happy gardening to you!

  • Who Let The Dogs Out?

Where did the dog go? Where is the cat hiding?

These simple questions have an even simpler answer- watch the security camera footage!

Find your pets easily just by watching the security footage, if they are hiding inside the home. Did they run out of the house? Watch the security footage and find out the direction they ran in.

  • Prevent Vandalism and Trespassing

Are the kids around the neighborhood messing up the neatly done grass on your front yard? That ends today!

Get a security camera installed and watch out for the naughty kids playing around in your front yard. Thanks to your security camera, you now know the kids whose parents you need to contact.

  • Improve Your Life

Security cameras can actually be a tool for self equipment? How, do you ask?

Do you need to maintain a straight posture while sitting at work in front of the computer? Check the security footage to do so. Similarly, you tend to improve your sleeping style? Analyze the footage. We hope you understand the point now.

Watching yourself do something bad or uncalled for, actually helps you acknowledge that habit even better and hence allows you to improve it.

  • Record Those Precious Moments 

The baby started walking! The cattle just gave birth. You just did the perfect backflip, unintentionally.

Now, you wouldn’t want all of that to go unrecorded, would you? Capture all of these and more such precious and unforgettable moments on a security camera to help you relive those moments again.

  • Surprise, Surprise!

Have something amazing planned? A proposal? An intimate dinner surprise for your loved one? A new gift for your kids?

Now, you would want to capture unadulterated and pure emotions when they see your surprise, don’t you? Let’s face it, cameras do tend to bring into people a little sense of inhibition.

That sense of inhibition does tend to bring out a little made up reactions from them rather than pure and untouched emotions of what they actually tend to feel.

Secure & Fun

Who says secure can’t be fun? We certainly don’t.

Protect your homes, businesses, and much more from any kinds of damages, incidents, and a lot more while having a little bit of fun.

At Platinum CCTVs, we have been securing the homes and businesses of our loving and loyal customers for the last 18 years. Our combined experience and unparalleled customer service ensure that your home is safe and all your loved ones are protected.

Looking to install a safety camera at your place? Get in touch with us today at https://platinumcctv.com/ and our team will be happy to assist you with a proper consultation based on your requirements.