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DuPage County Security Camera Installations

If you are searching for a security system in the DuPage County area for your home or business, it's crucial to find a company that values their customers and products. At Platinum CCTV, we take pride in both our products and customer satisfaction. Our advanced technology allows you to quickly review weeks or even months' worth of footage in seconds. Our unique features ensure that your security system is not only useful for identifying crimes but also for day-to-day usage.

We have designed our AVR NVR systems with internet video access in mind. Since the early days of dial-up internet and flip phones, we have been pioneers in remote video access. As technology has evolved, we have kept up with the latest advancements to provide the best services to our clients.

We offer a Free On-site Security Evaluation, where one of our experienced technicians will come to your home or business, walk the property with you, and ensure that everything we design exceeds your individual needs and meets your standards. Contact us today to schedule your evaluation.

Free On-site Security Evaluation

#1 Our Technology is the best!

At Platinum CCTV, our advanced security camera technology outperforms that of our competitors. Our AVM NVRs are top-of-the-line, equipped with cutting-edge hardware and software to ensure that your system not only meets your current needs but will continue to do so in the future.

When accessing our AVM NVR system, you'll experience real-time, high-quality remote access from anywhere. While other camera systems may offer remote access, the quality is often subpar, with blurry video or delayed playback. Our hardware and software can keep up with the demands of today's HD IP cameras, providing you with the best possible security system.

Our NVRs have higher processing power thanks to the latest Intel CPUs, delivering thousands of times more processing power than typical recorders. This means we can record video in full quality, provide more accurate playback scanning, better remote access, and advanced features like AI VCA video searching and LPR ANPR license plate recognition technologies.

We built our security system from the ground up, with our own AVM software, recognizing that the most important part of a security camera system is the NVR recorder. By crushing the limitations of most DVR and NVR systems, we provide you with a reliable security system that will last.

Choose Platinum CCTV for your security system needs and trust that you're getting the best technology available.

When video playback scanning is easy, you will get more use out of your system

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Let us show you what security cameras should really look like. Visit us, or we can come to you!

Find your video fast

Looking for reliable security camera systems in DuPage County? Look no further than Platinum CCTV. Our team of experts has the knowledge and skills to install and maintain high-quality security camera systems that prioritize the safety and security of your property and its occupants.

We understand that security is a top priority for businesses and homes alike, which is why we offer advanced surveillance systems with features like high-resolution imaging, wide dynamic range, and night vision capabilities to ensure clear footage in any lighting condition. With our systems, you can remotely monitor your property and receive real-time alerts on your mobile device when an event is detected.

We also offer customized security solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require indoor or outdoor cameras, wired or wireless systems, or a combination of both, our experts can design and install a system that works for you.

At Platinum CCTV, we prioritize customer satisfaction, which is why we offer a 3-year warranty on all of our products and services. Contact us today to learn more about our security camera systems in DuPage County and how they can provide easy video playback scanning, making your system more useful and efficient.

Scan thorugh days, weeks or even months of video in seconds visually

The Best Quality Video

To ensure the best video quality in security systems, there are various factors to consider beyond just resolution. Although some companies may promote their 4k resolution, poor hardware and software can ultimately result in subpar footage. However, Platinum CCTV takes all aspects, such as resolution, bitrate, color depth, and framerate, into account when developing our systems to guarantee the most favorable user experience.

Most security systems may produce high-quality images when there is no motion, but the footage can become pixelated and distorted once there is movement. This issue arises because most NVRs lack the processing power required to handle high-quality video, especially for cloud-based recording. We, at Platinum CCTV, advise against cloud-based recording because internet connection upload speeds cannot keep up with multiple cameras, ultimately affecting video quality.

Our AVM system distinguishes us from our competitors, and our NVRs deliver thousands of times more processing power than traditional recorders. This, combined with our exclusive CMS software, enables us to record footage at the highest bitrate, framerate, color depth, and resolution available from the cameras, resulting in better-quality video without the need to upgrade your cameras. Industry leaders from across the world have visited our DuPage County showroom and were impressed by the quality and features of our AVM system.

In conclusion, video quality is a crucial aspect to consider when selecting a security system, and Platinum CCTV's AVM system offers exceptional quality due to our advanced technology and experienced team.

Our AVM NVRs provide the best quality video through better video processing.

Find Vehicles and People Quickly

Platinum CCTV has recently updated its AVM NVR software to include improved compatibility with VCA (video content analysis) searching, which enhances the features of our HD IP Smart cameras. This new feature allows you to easily search through video footage and locate instances where a person or vehicle is present in a specific area or crosses a designated line, making our AVM security cameras even more valuable to our clients. Our HD IP cameras also include built-in A.I. features that enable you to quickly locate and review moving humans and vehicles, saving you valuable time when searching for specific events or incidents.

By incorporating VCA search capability, we ensure that your security system is working for you, making it easier for you to find the footage you need. At Platinum CCTV, we strive to provide our clients with the most advanced security solutions available, and our improved A.I. compatibility for smarter searching is a prime example of our commitment to excellence.

Only the best NVRs can let YOU know when to watch!

Find Vehicles Instantly based on License plate

Platinum CCTV's AVM NVR systems offer remarkable accessibility to past events or incidents. Our cutting-edge HD-LPR-ANPR cameras enable you to scan through months of video footage to identify every instance a particular vehicle entered your premises. This feature isn't exclusive to law enforcement; homeowners and businesses in DuPage County can benefit from this technology as well. Our cameras have ANPR (Automated Number Plate Reading) technology that captures license plates in complete darkness, even for vehicles moving up to 75 mph.

Our CMS software is designed to offer additional features like email or text alerts whenever an unauthorized vehicle enters your property. This is possible because of the exceptional hardware and software combination built into our AVM system. At Platinum CCTV, we prioritize creating an intelligent and practical security system for our clients.

Even if you don't require this technology right away, our AVM system is adaptable and scalable to your evolving security needs. You can enhance your system with our HD-LPR-ANPR cameras and enjoy the benefits of advanced search capabilities. Our AVM system grows with your needs, and there's no need to replace your entire system.

Smart Camera Alerts

Sending alerts based on video motion alone can often lead to false alarms, which can be frustrating for the user. Platinum CCTV's AVM NVR system takes a different approach by incorporating human and vehicle detection filters, along with SMART cameras, to significantly improve alert accuracy and reduce false positives. With over 20 years of experience in smart camera alerting, Platinum CCTV has the expertise to provide reliable and effective solutions that meet their clients' needs.

By combining HD IP Smart cameras with human and vehicle detection filters, the AVM system can accurately identify and send alerts only when a person or vehicle is detected in a specific area. This allows the system to record all motion while minimizing false alerts that can be triggered by other systems. The AVM NVR system, along with Platinum CCTV's HD IP Smart cameras, and detection filters, provides property owners with a reliable and efficient way to manage their residential or commercial properties with confidence.

Platinum CCTV's extensive experience in smart camera alerting ensures that their clients receive high-performance, reliable, and satisfactory solutions. Choose Platinum CCTV's AVM NVR system and enjoy the benefits of improved alert accuracy without being overwhelmed by false alerts.

#2 Our People are the Best!

Our Staff at Platinum CCTV

Our Staff Care

Our staff care about making sure your security needs are met

Platinum CCTV is fully committed to the safety and security of our clients, and they are proud to offer exceptional service from the very beginning, starting with the initial estimate and continuing through to post-installation technical support. The team is dedicated to fulfilling all of our clients' needs with extreme care, continuously striving to surpass previous accomplishments.

Platinum CCTV's long-standing relationships with our clients exemplify our dedication to customer satisfaction. They are determined to ensure that our clients' camera systems are running smoothly, even after 20 years. With in-house technicians, clients can rest assured that they won't be directed to an overseas call center. Platinum CCTV strongly believes that by providing top-notch service and support, they can establish lifelong partnerships with our clients, which is essential to our growth.

We Promise...then Deliver

At Platinum CCTV, we understand the significance of keeping promises and the impact they have on our clients. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer support and designing systems that meet your security needs. Our dedication to your safety and satisfaction starts from the first contact and continues throughout our partnership.

We take pride in our systems' capabilities and have invested extensive efforts in designing and testing them to ensure they perform as promised. Our team has even pushed the technology to its limits to simplify the system's design. Our objective is to exceed our clients' expectations by providing high-quality cameras that are superior in every way.

When we make a commitment, we stand behind it, and you can trust us to deliver.

Lifetime Technical Support

Our ongoing remote technical support for security camera systems

Our camera system distinguishes itself from others available in the market because we provide technical support handled by our highly trained in-house staff, unlike many others who may refer you to a third-party or deny you the assistance you require. We understand that regular use of your cameras means relying on them, which is why we prioritize offering exceptional technical support to all our clients.

At Platinum CCTV, ensuring that our clients in DuPage County can use their camera systems whenever they need them is crucial. As a result, we provide Free Remote Technical Support as part of our service, without any additional charges. We believe that our clients' success and satisfaction is crucial to our growth, and providing this support is one way we can achieve that.

Did We Say People that Care?

At Platinum CCTV, nothing is more important to us than your safety. We go to great lengths to ensure that every client in DuPage County is fully satisfied with their security system. Our team is made up of experts who are dedicated to providing exceptional service, which has enabled us to expand and thrive. We would be delighted if you considered Platinum CCTV for your security needs.

"I have worked closely with staff at Platinum CCTV, specifically Michael Dunteman, in the course of doing my job. The company goes above and beyond in providing everything needed. I think I've gone back to request information five different times... completely my fault for not supplying everything I need the first time. Michael has gone out of his way to provide everything I ask for and more. They have streamlined the process of surveillance camera footage to supply a great product... but also to handle all retrieval/technical needs. I couldn't speak more highly of this company and Michael."

a Police Detective

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Let us show you what security cameras should really look like. Visit us, or we can come to you!

DuPage County Industries we Serve...

...Security Camera Systems We Engineer

We serve many different clients in the DuPage County area, installing security camera systems in small businesses, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, warehouses, landscaping facilities, churches, mosques, temples, restaurants, Police Departments, car washes, condominiums, apartment complexes, car dealerships, property management associations, schools, gas stations, grocery stores, homes and many more. Our AVM camera systems scale nicely allowing you to start with as many or as few cameras as you desire. Learn more about our different security camera systems below.

DuPage County Business Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Business Security Cameras

DuPage County Manufacturing Facility Plant Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Manufacturing Cameras

DuPage County Warehouse Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Warehouse Systems

DuPage County Police Department Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Police Dept Camera Systems

DuPage County Restaurant Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Restaurant Cameras

DuPage County Church Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Church / Temple / Mosque Cameras

DuPage County Car Wash Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Car Wash Cameras

DuPage County Car Dealership Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Car Dealership Systems

DuPage County Property Management Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Property Management Camera Systems

DuPage County School Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

School Security Cameras

DuPage County Grocery Store Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Grocery Store Cameras

DuPage County Gas Station Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Gas Station Security Cameras

DuPage County Home Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Home CCTV Systems

DuPage County Auto Shop Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Auto Shop Cameras


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Let us show you what security cameras should really look like. Visit us, or we can come to you!

Get Started It's Easy

We know you likely are not a security professional. That's why we make it easy to learn how to protect your facility in DuPage County and make the best use of your camera systems. Whether cameras are for a home or business, no worry Our systems scale with you Our software is second-to-none providing best in class remote access to video, video quality and features.

Free On-Site Consultation

Start with a phone call, and one of our experienced technicians will come out to walk your facility with you to provide a comprehensive plan for the security of your facility in DuPage County or any of the surrounding areas. Easy as that.

Each of our systems is carefully designed around your needs, ensuring that the end-result is a security camera system that will fully suit your needs and budget.

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Let us show you what security cameras should really look like. Visit us, or we can come to you!

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We are unique in that we have technology to show off that dominates the field, so we have devoted an entire showroom to helping educate business owners, managers and home-owners in the latest CCTV security camera technology. Stop in our showroom near DuPage County, IL and even Test Drive our AVM system Today and compare with other systems right in our showroom.

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