CCTV DVRs (Analog)

CCTV DVRs for Traditional Analog Cameras

Our Standalone DVR options provide the ability to connect to your analog CCTV cameras.  These DVRs can also be incorporated with our AVM (Advanced Video Management) platform through IP licenses to further enhance the features and functionality.

PTAR324 Series Standalone DVRs

These DVRs are the latest in standalone DVR technology, providing you with compatibility for traditional analog CCTV cameras as well as newer HD-TVI cameras.  These DVRs are a great choice for anyone who has coaxial cable analog cameras or HD-TVI cameras.  They support both formats, so that you can use analog cameras now but upgrade them using our selection of HD-TVI cameras in the future when you are ready.  HD-TVI cams use the same coaxial cable and usually the same power as the analog cameras.

AVM System Upgrade Compatibility

All of our PTAR324 DVRs are fully compatible with our AVM (Advanced Video Management) system, allowing you to further upgrade your camera system in the future to support newer IP cameras, improved software and more.  Each channel from these PTAR324 DVRs is treated as an IP camera from our AVM NVRs and NVR software..

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4-Channel H.265 HD-TVI and Analog Standalone DVR with Plug-N-Play Instant Remote Access
Average Rating(2)
$295.00  $245.00
Ships in 2-3 business days
8-Channel 1080P H.265 HD-TVI Standalone DVR with Analog and HD-TVI Support and P2P Remote Access
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$395.00  $355.00
Ships in 2-3 business days
16-Channel HD-TVI H.264 Standalone DVR with Analog and HD-TVI Camera Support
Average Rating(1)
$625.00  $535.00
Ships in 2-3 business days