In a matter of seconds, this duo installs a card skimmer on top of a credit card machine in a Miami Beach gas station. Found later on, they had to carefully review video to find when the skimmer was actually installed. Today, thieves are very slick with complex schemes and planning akin to what you would see in an "Oceans" xx movie. No matter what level of preparation, it is inevitable that at some point in time, you will need the video that your cameras capture. See in the video below just how quickly and smoothly they execute this crime.

With a card skimmer like this in place, thieves can steal hundreds or thousands of credit card numbers quickly, and get hundreds of thousands of dollars racked up on your customer's credit. Problem is, that your reputation suffers because of it. Many customers may even think that you had a hand in perpetrating the crime. This is why we advocate HD security cameras at point of sale terminals. As you can see from this grainy video, it can be very difficult to capture perpetrators, so every bit of clarity that you can capture goes a bit further to finding the perps and clearing your name as the business owner.

I guarantee the police and business owner probably spent hours or days trying to find this brief several seconds of video, as most of the security camera systems out there are very difficult to review. This is why we recommend our AVM (Advanced Video Management) Camera System. It provides the ability to quickly scan through days of video in a matter of seconds, visually looking for an event. Compatible with Analog CCTV Cameras, HD-SDI and HD IP cameras alike.

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