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Technical Support for your Security Cameras

Get your AVM system up and running. Whether you chose an analog, HD-SDI or IP camera system, these self-help narrated videos will walk you through everything from initial setup, to configuration adjustments and even remote access.

Videos to help you install DVR card, drivers, software and configure it for recording
Videos to help you navigate the Alnet software like a pro
Get it up and running, Fast.
Start your new AVM security camera system installation off on the right foot with our narrated AVM software videos. These videos will walk you through the installation of a DVR card or HDVR card into your PC, Driver install, Software install and get it up and running fast.
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Great, now use it.
It's ok that you aren't a security professional. With us by your side, you don't need to be. You will quickly start using this software like a pro. These videos will walk you through how to use the basic features of the software, from changing views and taking snapshots to playback of video.
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Videos to help you Playback and Backup Video from your DVR System
Videos to help you connect your Alnet camera system to the internet
What you got the system for.
Features, bells and whistles are nice, but when push comes to shove, you got the system so that you could playback video and back it up if necessary. These videos walk you through this process...save it for future too.
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Connect in from the Internet
We are now a connected, digital society...and you are at the head of your class. Watch your office or home over internet from PC, laptop, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry....
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Videos to demonstrate setup of optional PTZ Security Cameras
Videos to demonstrate operation and setup of Alarm Inputs and Outputs
Power in your hand.
You should now be an expert at the basic features of the AVM software. Some optional hardware can really make it fun. Our PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) Cameras are optional cameras that can be added to your AVM security camera system and can be controlled by an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry PDA phone. These videos will walk you through configuration and control of these cameras.
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Smart. Very Smart.
Connecting optional Alarm Inputs and Outputs to your AVM security camera system will offer additional capabilities from your PC or PDA phone. Receive alerts via email or text when doors open or motion sensors are tripped, control doors, lights and more. These videos will walk you through these optional configurations, permitting you the ultimate control that is already built-in to your software.
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