AVM Mid Size NVR - NVR for IP Camera Recording
MidNVR - Our Mid-Size AVM NVR recorder for HD IP Cameras

AVM Mid Size NVR - NVR for IP Camera Recording

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  • IP Camera Licenses:Select Number of IP Cameras for License
  • Easy Playback:Scan through Days of Video in Seconds
  • Remote Access:Access Video from iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, PC and Mac
  • NVR:Self-Contained Intel Powered NVR

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Powerful AVM IP Camera Recording

Mid-Size NVR Solution for your home or business

Our MidNVR recorders are a complete, self-contained NVR (Network Video Recorder) solution to record from your HD IP security cameras. The AVM software is compatible with virtually all IP cameras manufactured, including Platinum CCTV cameras, HIKVision, Dahua, Axis, ACTi, Vivotek and many more. This NVR recorder is also compatible with generic ONVIF IP cameras as well. When deciding on hardware for your home or business security camera system, it is important to know that the NVR recorder is the most important part of the system. The NVR determines the features and functionality of your camera system.


Find your video in seconds not hours!

Fastest access to video means you use your cameras more!

Our MidNVR recorders include our latest AVM (Advanced Video Management) software for IP camera recording. This software allows industry-leading access to your recorded video, allowing you to scan through days, weeks or months of video visually to find exactly what happened in a matter of seconds instead of hours. This single feature alone makes the NVR recorder worth more than other recorders on the market. Our customers use their security camera footage for more than just a break-ins or vandalism. They now can use their video to see everything that happened in the course of a day in a matter of seconds. This may not be the only feature of this system that makes it better than the rest, but it is certainly one of the most important.


Real-Time Remote Camera Access

View cameras from all your devices

Our home and business systems have been accessible from cell phones from long before the first iPhone was released. We even had the ability to watch security cameras back in the days of the flip phone. As technology evolved, so did our capabilities for remote access. We were one of the first to allow security camera footage from an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian phone and more. This allows our clients a highly-evolved and advanced level app that permits them to see everything that is happening in real-time from anywhere in the world.


Support for all Major IP Cameras

Compatible with most IP camera brands/models

This MidNVR with AVM is compatible with virtually every brand IP camera on the market, as well as generic cameras through ONVIF and RTSP protocols. Major brand IP cameras like ACTi, Arecont Vision, Axis, Sanyo, Bosch, Platinum CCTV, Ganz, HIKVision, Dahua, Everfocus, Samsung and more are fully integrated into the software for easy installation and operation of the cameras. These cameras will stream securely into the AVM NVR, which records from the cameras, and serves the video up for remote access from PCs, MACs, tablets, Androids and iPhones.


Remote Video Recording

Keep backup copies of your video

If you are worried that someone will break in and steal your video, worry no more. This AVM system comes complete with our CMS4 software, allowing you to conduct a remote recording over the internet to an off-site location automatically in real time. This is different from Cloud-based recording which is very limited in the bandwidth and resolution of main recording. With our AVM software, you can recording the primary full resolution or secondary reduced resolution remotely in real-time, allowing you to custom-tailor your offsite video to match the quality and bandwidth you require and have available. This means that you can always have a backup recording of all of your video, even if your recorder is stolen. Basic embedded-style recorders do not have this capability.


Ultimate Security

Know even if someone TRIES to access your cameras

Security cameras have gotten a bad name in the news for being hacked. This generally happens with low-cost security camera options like embedded DVRs and NVRs. With our AVM system, it runs on the latest Windows 10 platform, allowing the latest in updated security features, while also offering thousands of times more processing capabilities than simple embedded NVRs. Our PC-based recording platforms can even be configured to let you know every time someone even attempts to access your security cameras. This way, you can receive a text message or email, even before access to your cameras has occured. This is far better security than offered by more simple NVR recorders. SSL encryption for video and login information now supported for even more security. Trust your indoor home or business security cameras to a system that lets you know what is happening all the time.


Stay in touch with Alerts!

Motion Text Alerts, Alarm Integration and MORE

Integrate your home or business security camera system to a level you never even dreamed possible. Most security camera systems state that they can send you email or text alerts. The problem is that they issue alerts based on video motion (like RING, Nest, etc.) and these methods of alerting are prone to extreme false alerting which means that you will disable the alerts very quickly. Our AVM system is compatible with security cameras that have built-in VCA analytics events so that you can receive alerts only when a person or vehicle enters a certain area. These cameras, like our 7th Generation HD IP cameras, allow you to really receive intelligent alerting from your security camera system with complex schedules and events. If you want even more integration, then connect an alarm integration module to receive alerts and events when your alarm system is tripped, alarmed, etc. The base of a truly smart home or business is the brains. This MidNVR recorder with AVM software is the best platform to control and collect all of your information in one place. Our systems go far beyond simply traditional security cameras.


POS System Integration

Optional POS System Integration for Businesses

Upgrade your security camera system to incorporate POS system integration. Our AVM system supports most POS systems, and allows you not only to view the transactions in real time as they are occurring, but also to search transactions based on clear text data. This is because the transaction information is stored inside a database, allowing you better control of how to search and find transactions. This is just another way our AVM system is capable of becoming a valuable asset to your business.


More Powerful Scheduling

Control everything that happens

Built into our AVM software, even the core of its operations is a powerful and flexible scheduling engine. This allows the software to work seamlessly with all of your business and home automation tasks. Schedule recording, events, alerts for motion or VCA events and much more with a complex scheduler that helps to ensure that you can receive alerts only when you deem them necessary. This scheduling capability ensures that you will always be able to reconfigure your system to suit your needs and lifestyle.


An Expert on your shoulder

Industry Leading Technical Support

Our technicians are highly trained and ready to assist you in the setup and operation of your system. From video walkthroughs to online remote technical support, our team knows why you need your cameras working and work tirelessly to help you achieve the level of coverage and operation that you seek. A security camera system is only as good as the team that is supporting it, that is why I know our system is the best. You will not find a more caring group of technican support agents anywhere.

5 Stars
Great recorder for ip cams
Used this recorder to replace my embedded nvr that i had been using for years. very happy with the features on this unit, and have been happy with the technical support as well. system has now been in place for 2 years.
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Reviewed by:  from Lombard. on 9/1/2020

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