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Our newest camera line, our HD-SDI (HD over Coax) delivers 1080P HD video resolution with traditional coaxial cables. These systems are popular when replacing an existing analog camera system, since you can use the same RG-59 coaxial cables. These cameras are also gaining popularity against the HD IP counterparts, as HD-SDI cameras have lower latency, which means zero lag time for more instantaneous video than IP competition.

Popular Features of these AVM Systems:
  • Search Video Quickly - Scan Days of video in 15 seconds or less
  • Powerful Remote access - Connect from iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, PC, Mac and more
  • Higher Security - System has built-in alerts that can even let you know if someone attempts to login to your cameras
  • Enhanced Alerting - Can be upgraded to allow integration with home automation, alarm systems and more
  • Easy Expansion - Every AVM system can be expanded with more analog, HD-SDI or HD IP Cameras easily...even use some of each
  • Remote Recording - Included CMS client has built-in remote recording so you can keep a copy of your video at an off-site location as well
  • Replace older analog cameras - Uses same cabling as traditional analog cameras, making this system great for an upgrade to older systems with coaxial cables.