12-Channel HDVR Cards (HD-SDI) 360FPS 1080P Resolution PCIe Card with AVM Software
HDVR12 12-Channel HD-SDI DVR Card with AVM Software

12-Channel HDVR Cards (HD-SDI) 360FPS 1080P Resolution PCIe Card with AVM Software

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HD 1080P Resolution (1920x1080)

Frame rate:

360FPS Total (30 FPS per camera)


AVM (Advanced Video Management) Software Included


New HDVR (HD DVR) Cards with our AVM (Advanced Video Management) software allow you to use traditional coaxial cables to record in HD quality. This 12-Channel HD DVR card set is a set of PCIe style cards, which will insert into a Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 PC to allow you to turn that PC into an HD video recorder with industry-leading playback and remote access to your HD cameras. This SKU comes with 3 of our 4-Channel PCIe HDVR cards, so you will need 3 available PCIe slots (x4, x8, x16 all work) in your PC.

New HD-Over-Coax HD-SDI Technology

This Advanced Video Management HDVR card provides ability to record from new HD-SDI cameras which transmit HD video over standard BNC Coaxial cables. These cameras provide zero-latency like HD IP cameras do, and allow you to use existing analog cabling to deliver HD resolution video recording.

Easy Video Playback

One of the best features of the AVM software, is the playback searching capabilities, which allows you to scan through days of video visually in 15 seconds to find a specific event. Most DVRs provide only the ability to playback if you know exactly what time something happened. Our AVM suite of software for analog, HD-SDI and HD IP cameras goes light-years further, providing you with true access to your video, and making the entire system more worthwhile. With most systems, users dread having to playback the video, because it takes hours - so they only use it when something major happens. Our customers with AVM use video constantly, because it takes no time at all, see what time employees came in to work, find your lost keys and much, much more..

FREE! - Remote Software Setup

Each of our AVM HDVR cards comes with free remote setup and configuration of the AVM software too! This means, you just call our technicians, and we will connect into your PC to setup the AVM software for recording and even configure your internet connection to setup the remote access on your phones and remote computers.

Easy Upgrades and Expansion!

Add more cameras to your system at any time, by combining another HD4 HD-SDI DVR Card, AVM series CCTV DVR card or adding HD IP Licenses to allow a true Tri-brid arrangement for recording. With the AVM system, your security cameras are future-proof! You can always expand and add newer technology cameras while still making use of your older CCTV cameras. Traditional Standalone Style DVRs do not permit this capability.

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