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Aurora Security Camera Installations

When looking for security cameras for your home or business in Aurora, you have come to the right place. Platinum CCTV Specializes in security cameras. We do just video security and we do it better than anyone else. Our AVM NVR systems allow you to scan through days, weeks or months of video in seconds allowing our clients to make better use of their video. When it comes to remote access to surveillance video, we are also the experts. Our clients have been watching security cameras on their phones for 19 years...yes even in the days of flip phones.

When you call us out to your site, our technicians walk through each and every nook and cranny of your property with you, asking poignant questions to ensure that we truly understand your security needs. Then we carefully assemble a custom quote with options to help suit your needs and budget. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to security cameras. This is the reason we take the initial walk-through very seriously. We want to understand your needs and put together a system that will suit all of your needs.

We deliver on our promises, by knowing the real limitations of each technology, and deploying solutions that are tried, tested and proven to meet your needs. From text message alerts after hours, to real-time remote access of multiple sites, Platinum CCTV has been serving the needs of our neighbors in Aurora, IL for 20 years. Learn more about our innovative technology below.

#1 Our Technology is the best!

While every security camera system, even the ones in the big-box stores tell you they have an app and allow remote access to cameras, they are not all created equal. Our remote access is REAL-TIME. We designed it that way in the days of dial up internet and flip phones. Competitors have not caught up, because it takes more processing power and better software than they can utilize. Our AVM NVR recorders have so much more processing power than the embedded/standalone NVR recorders, that 100's of clients can connect in simultaneously and view separate cameras, all in real time.

The system that permits this level of remote access is our AVM NVR systems allowing you to watch your security cameras in REAL-TIME from anywhere in the world. Compare our apps side by side with those from another camera system in our showroom, and you will instantly see and feel the difference. Systems that just add-on remote access to have a feature to sell their systems deliver blocky/pixelated video that lags behind. This is because the processors in their DVRs and NVRs cannot keep up with the video. When your security matters, Trust Platinum CCTV

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Let us show you what security cameras should really look like. Visit us, or we can come to you!

Find your video fast

Finding video in a security camera system is normally the worst process. This is what got our founder into the security camera system market in the first place. He had to playback through days of video to find events that had happened, because no one ever knows what time something happened in the video, they only know what visually happened. This is why our software is based around visually scanning through days, weeks or months of video in a matter of seconds.

When it comes to security cameras, this makes all the difference in the world. With our AVM (Advanced Video Management) software, it allows you to make use of security cameras in ways that you could only dream of with other systems. With most security camera systems, people only will devote the time to use the video when something major happened (theft, vandalism, burglary, etc) because it takes hours to find the video. Our AVM System turns the industry on its head, allowing you to scan through the video visually to find the exact video you are looking for in a matter of seconds. This is why our clients will even use their video to monitor employee timecards, check and see if anyone was on their property overnight, find lost objects, track pallets through a warehouse, find a fly-dumper at their trash bin and much more. When video is easy to find, that video is useful

The Best Quality Video

When you connect your HD IP cameras to our AVM NVR systems, your cameras will instantly look better than when the same camera is connected to a standalone/embedded recorder. This is because our AVM NVRs use late-model Intel processors with thousands of times more power than the embedded chips, and our software is designed to allow the full bitrate of recording.

Bitrate makes more difference with security camera video than resolution does. Yes, we know, everyone advertises the resolution (1080p, 2k, 4k, 5MP, 4MP, 8MP, etc). However that is just the number of pixels. With the way video recording works, that is just one of the factors of the equation, and is not even the most important factor. Resolution + Color Depth + Bitrate + Framerate all come together to determine the quality and usability of your video.

If you have ever watched the video from a cut-rate security camera or cloud camera (or even doorbell camera) it usually looks great as long as nothing is moving on the screen. As soon as something starts to move on the screen the video gets 'choppy,' 'blocky' or 'pixelated' because the bitrate is low. Recorders have to lower the bitrate and framerate in order to process the video that is coming in from all of the cameras at once and to send that video to a cloud server. Our AVM System can record at the full bitrate, framerate, color depth and resolution provided by the cameras, giving you better quality without even upgrading your cameras

Find Vehicles and People Quickly

When paired with A.I. capable cameras with human and vehicle detection, like our 8th Generation HD IP Smart Cameras, our clients can quickly run a search for people or vehicles in certain zones or crossing certain lines in the software. This is just another way that our AVM Software with the CMS4 client allows you to find your video quickly so that you will use your video more, without wasting time.

The A.I. built into the cameras can be programmed for searching to find a person that crossed onto your property, customers that enter your front doors, vehicles that entered your parking lot, employees entering restricted zones and more. Each of these events that are recognized by the cameras like our 8th Gen Smart IP cameras can then be used to trip off events on client PCs, send text or email alerts or just take note in a database to playback later. This security camera technology eliminates the false alerts that are present on other camera systems that try sending alerts or tripping events just based on video motion.

This is yet another reason that each of our systems is custom-designed with your needs in mind. Each installation is different, and we can provide you with the exact hardware and software you need to help solve your security or management problems in your Aurora business.

Our NVRs deliver, where others give only empty promises

Find Vehicles Instantly based on License plate

Make the most out of your security camera system, with the ability to search for specific vehicles based on license plates. Our newest addition to our 8th Gen HD IP cameras includes our ANPR (Automated Number Plate Reading) LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras. These cameras read the license plates on the vehicles and feed that information into our AVM software, allowing you the power of a police department, in your own business. These cameras can pick up the license plates on vehicles even in complete darkness at speeds up to 75 miles per hour.

Once the plates are scanned into our AVM system database, you can use that data just like the VCA events in our system through the CMS4 software. This means you can run a search for a specific plate and see everytime that customer or vehicle was in your parking lot, as well as receive real-time alerts on your CMS4 client software running on your PC if certain license plates are read in. In this world, sometimes knowing when an ex-employee or ex-customer ends up on your property can be critical so that you can respond to the event properly.

Even if you do not need this technology right away, it is already built-in to our AVM system, just add our HD-LPR-ANPR camera to your system later to enable this new innovative experience and search capability.

Our AVM system keeps growing with your needs. You never need to throw out your recorder and start over.

Smart Camera Alerts

Nearly every camera system for the last 20 years has said - "We can send you text alerts" when motion is detected. In fact, if you talk to anyone with a doorbell camera, they will tell you the same. But when you ask them if they use the alerts, either they have disabled them, or they are still turned on but they ignore the tone that comes from their phone because their phone is always getting alerted even if the wind blows. This is because these cameras and systems use video motion to trigger these alerts. Even 20 years ago, we would never dream of setting up alerts like that because they are not functional. Back then, we used warm-body PIR sensors to send alerts when they were needed.

Today, our Smart HD IP cameras and AVM software deliver great real time alerts to clients with CMS4 software that can be completely configured by the end-users. These alerts are based on the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) built into our 8th Generation Smart HD IP Cameras. It is because of our NVR systems having more processing power and better software that enables this functionality with the Smart HD IP cameras. When they are combined with an intelligent software like our AVM NVR system, the system can record all of the motion that happens, but only alert when a person or vehicle is in view. Much like the VCA searching earlier on this page, the camera and NVR work together and we can set up a complex schedule for alerting so that you only receive alerts when you need them.

So if you only want to know when there is a person on your property during off-hours, you can define a complex schedule for that. If you want these same alerts to occur only if your alarm is armed, no problem we can do that as well. Most importantly, if you schedule a contractor or have another visitor on your property and need to disable the alerts, then you can do that as well, right from your phone. At Platinum CCTV, we are experts in Smart Camera Alerting, we've been doing it for 20 years

#2 Our People are the Best!

Our Staff at Platinum CCTV

Our Staff Care

Our staff care about making sure your security needs are met

Our staff all care about our clients' security. We have all been touched in one way or another by theft, vandalism, threats of violence or worse and truly believe that security cameras are a valuable tool in making our world better. Security cameras never lie, they are about the only witness that can be trusted 100% because they just deliver the facts of what happened.

From your initial quote through 10, 15, 20 years and more of the operation of your system, we know you will find that our staff members to be caring, helpful and dedicated to helping you use your camera system. We believe that everyone deserves to be protected.

We know that our clients use their cameras much more than clients who own competing camera systems, and we strive for our clients happiness at each turn. We may not always do the perfect thing in any situation, but we approach each situation with the same care, concern and knowledge to try to ensure that we do right by each and every client.

Each of our staff members care about our clients and try to help ensure that your camera system is always up and running when you need it. From initial quote through 10+ years after purchase, our caring staff members are there to assist you, and really care about ensuring your safety and the security of your property. We want our clients to use their camera systems, because your happiness is what helps us grow

We Promise...then Deliver

Promises come easy to many, but are not upheld. At Platinum CCTV, our word is our promise and we abide by it no matter what. It may not be easy to go the extra mile for every client, but it is the rule that we abide by each and every day.

If we tell you a product can do something, we back that up with months of testing, development and usage. We want to make sure that we under-sell the capabilities of our technology, so that we know each and ever limitation. Our staff strive to fully understand and use the capabilities of each technology first, so that your experience will be better than you could even imagine. If we say it is going to happen, we make it happen.

Lifetime Technical Support

Our ongoing remote technical support for security camera systems

Most camera systems have little to no technical support. Ours is the exception. We don't send you to 3rd party companies or countries for your technical support. Each time you call for support, you are calling our home office in Warrenville, IL and speaking with one of our trained software specialists, who have a passion for helping ensure that you are able to fully use your camera system.

It is extremely important to us that each of our clients is able to completely use their camera systems to their full potential, so that they know their camera system is running and running well when they go to use it. Our clients call tech support more often than owners of other systems, and that is expected...because our systems work well enough and fast enough for clients to use everyday. That is why if a camera system is offline, we hear about it quickly from our clients, even if it is just a problem with internet on their end we still try to help resolve the issue.

When you use your camera system daily, you will know that it is working when you need it. Our Free Remote Technical Support for our Aurora clients is crucial in ensuring that our clients will be able to use their systems when they need it. We don't charge for this service, because we continue to grow through the success and happiness of each client.

Did We Say People that Care?

We cannot say it enough. We continue to grow and succeed in the industry because we hire, train and retain people who care about your security. Our people are what really make the difference from start to finish. We develop and cultivate our relationship with our clients, to help your Aurora, IL business grow and thrive through better video security.

"Michael and his team are simply amazing! They have ALWAYS gone the extra mile to assist me. I cannot thank them enough for ALWAYS being there...I am glad to call on them with all my security needs....thank you for sharing this space. I would highly recommend them to others."

Nirav S.

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Let us show you what security cameras should really look like. Visit us, or we can come to you!

Aurora Industries we Serve...

...Security Camera Systems We Engineer

We serve many different clients in the Aurora area, installing security camera systems in small businesses, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, warehouses, landscaping facilities, churches, mosques, temples, restaurants, Police Departments, car washes, condominiums, apartment complexes, car dealerships, property management associations, schools, gas stations, grocery stores, homes and many more. Our AVM camera systems scale nicely allowing you to start with as many or as few cameras as you desire. Learn more about our different security camera systems below.

Aurora Business Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Business Security Cameras

Aurora Manufacturing Facility Plant Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Manufacturing Cameras

Aurora Warehouse Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Warehouse Systems

Aurora Police Department Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Police Dept Camera Systems

Aurora Restaurant Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Restaurant Cameras

Aurora Church Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Church / Temple / Mosque Cameras

Aurora Car Wash Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Car Wash Cameras

Aurora Car Dealership Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Car Dealership Systems

Aurora Property Management Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Property Management Camera Systems

Aurora School Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

School Security Cameras

Aurora Grocery Store Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Grocery Store Cameras

Aurora Gas Station Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Gas Station Security Cameras

Aurora Home Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Home CCTV Systems

Aurora Auto Shop Security Camera CCTV Systems with internet viewing

Auto Shop Cameras


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Let us show you what security cameras should really look like. Visit us, or we can come to you!

Get Started It's Easy

We know you likely are not a security professional. That's why we make it easy to learn how to protect your facility in Aurora and make the best use of your camera systems. Whether cameras are for a home or business, no worry Our systems scale with you Our software is second-to-none providing best in class remote access to video, video quality and features.

Free On-Site Consultation

Start with a phone call, and one of our experienced technicians will come out to walk your facility with you to provide a comprehensive plan for the security of your facility in Aurora or any of the surrounding areas. Easy as that.

Each of our systems is carefully designed around your needs, ensuring that the end-result is a security camera system that will fully suit your needs and budget.

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Let us show you what security cameras should really look like. Visit us, or we can come to you!

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