Add IP Licenses to AVM Analog and HD-SDI Systems
AVM Netcam NVR Software for IP Cameras

Add IP Licenses to AVM Analog and HD-SDI Systems

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  • IP Camera Licenses:Select Number of IP Cameras for License
  • NVR:Add IP Licenses to AVM Analog and HD-SDI Systems ONLY

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Add IP Camera Licenses

Add IP Licenses to your Current AVM System

For Analog, HD-SDI or Hybrid Systems

Add IP cameras to your current AVM DVR, HDVR or Hybrid system by simply selecting the number of IP licenses above. These licenses are designed for any analog capture cards, HD-SDI capture cards, or hybrid systems. IP licenses come in packs of 4. If you will have more than 32 cameras in the system after adding IP licenses, then please call us to place the order as special programming is required.

Looking to Add IP Cameras to an IP Only system?

We can help you with that too.

For adding IP licenses to an IP-only AVM camera system, please use ADDIPs

Add Any Major Brand Cameras

Compatible with most IP cameras

While we prefer if you use our Platinum CCTV™ IP cameras (of course) our AVM system is compatible with most major brands of IP cameras, as well as any generic IP cameras that support ONVIF or RTSP streaming protocols. So simply add the number of IP licenses you need for your IP cameras. There is NO ONGOING COST for these licenses, it is a one-time software purchase.

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