Do you know what is the worst feature on most DVR and NVR systems?
You might be surprised to know it is playback!

Most of these systems, record video as their name suggests, but take hours or days to try to find the video you want. This is true unless you just happen to know the exact time the event happened.

Unfortunately, most of the time you don't know when something happened.

We have solved this problem.

AVM sytem playback allows quick access to videoOur Advanced Video Management security camera system succeeds where others fail. Scan through days, weeks or even months of video VISUALLY in a matter of seconds. This means you can really use your video, without having to sit there for hours or days to find it. This feature alone will make your security camera system more useful than you ever imagined.


This is the secret to a video security camera system which you will really use.

As you can see, we are able to scan through months of video at a time to identify the section of video that we want to see.

When considering a new security camera system, make sure you select an AVM system, we engineer security solutions that really work.

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