Body Temp Sensing Cameras

Body Temperature Thermal Cameras

These body heat cameras are able to accurately pre-screen body temperature to help identify individuals who need further screening for COVID-19 or other viruses where fever is an early symptom

This new category of IP cameras is designed to detect the body temperature of people at a distance without contact with them, to help indicate a fever in a rapid pre-screening process when people are walking at normal speeds through a security checkpoint or hallway. These new cameras are ideal for identifying people who have elevated body temperatures. Fevers are often one of the first symptoms of viruses such as flu, Ebola, SARs or COVID-19 coronavirus. These cameras can be a great first-line of defense for businesses of all sizes. Our tablet-style PT-ASI7213X-T1 access control thermal body temp camera is ideal for small to medium businesses, as it scans a single person at a time to grant access based on normal body temperature and presence of a mask, while our PT-BF5421-T model fever camera is ideal for larger entryways and scans multiple persons at once, and can be used permanently mounted or in a rapid deployment tripod mounted arrangement.

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