Alarm Card for AVM Camera Systems - Internal USB Connection
Alarm Card for AVM Camera Systems - Internal USB Connection

Alarm Card for AVM Camera Systems - Internal USB Connection

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Part Number: AL0804
  • AVM:Expand your AVM system with Digital Inputs and Outputs
  • Connection:Connects to a USB header on your PC's Motherboard
  • Digital Inputs:Connect to Motion Sensors, Water Sensors, Optical Sensors, Laser sensors and more
  • Digital Outputs:Control Doors, Lights, Gates, Pumps, Motors and more


   Expand the functionality of your AVM security camera system with this alarm card. This card works with any of our Analog, HD-SDI or NVR IP Camera systems to provide inputs and outputs that can be used to provide additional auxiliary alerts as well as control low voltage relays and switches.

Truely Smart Capabilities

Your AVM security camera system can expand the intelligence of your entire home or business. Use exterior mounted motion detector sensors connected to this alarm card to provide you with text and/or email alerts as someone approaches your home or building; control door locks, garage doors, lights alarms and much more with the low voltage outputs. This card really turns your camera system into much more.

Alarm Inputs

This card allow you to connect your camera system to up to 8 NO (Normally Open) or NC (Normally Closed) Sensors. Sensors can tell you and your system many different things, to keep you informed of exactly what is happening.

Here are just a few of the Inputs you can connect:

  • Motion Sensors - Indoor
  • Motion Sensors - Outdoor
  • Heat Rise Sensors
  • Freeze Sensors
  • Laser beam sensors
  • Arm/Disarm Relay from alarm system
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Optical Sensors
  • Water Sensors

Alarm Outputs

Not only can you connect your camera system to various inputs to receive alerts, but this alarm card will also enable you to connect to various outputs that can be triggered by a low voltage relay. With the advanced scheduling capabilities of the AVM (Advanced Video Management) system, it will enable you to use the alarm outputs to enable/disable your alarm system, control interior or exterior lights, open or close garage doors, trigger mag-lock doors and gates. Pretty much anything you would like to be able to control can be triggered with low voltage circuitry, which means it can be controlled by this AL0804 alarm card and your AVM system.

Unlock the true potential of your AVM camera system!

These expanded capabilities allow you to go far beyond the realm of a standard security camera system for your home or business. With advanced trigger scheduling and control, you can now really know what is happening, with your security camera system enbled to tell you when something important is happening, and even automate control of your business or home.

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