8-Channel 1080P HD-TVI Standalone DVR with Analog and HD-TVI Support and P2P Remote Access
8-Channel HD-TVI Embedded DVR with Analog and HD-TVI Camera Support

8-Channel 1080P HD-TVI Standalone DVR with Analog and HD-TVI Support and P2P Remote Access

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Part Number:PTAR324-8

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Hard Drive Size


3MP, 2MP (1080P) or 720x480 analog

Frame rate:

15 FPS per Camera


Upgrade your CCTV system with this easy to access Standalone DVR with Plug and Play P2P access. There is no messy internet configuration or setup. Just plug it into your router, scan the QR code with your phone and start instantly watching your security cameras.

HD-TVI and Analog Support

This advanced 16-Channel Standalone DVR comes with the ability to handle video inputs from both traditional analog style cameras as well as HD-TVI HD over coax models, making it a versatile upgrade for older DVRs. This allows you to upgrade your recorder now, and then upgrade your cameras to HD while using the same cables. You can even do it just a few cameras at a time, as this DVR will support both types of cameras simultaneously.

Instant Plug-N-Play Access

Unlike most DVRs, this 1080p standalone DVR delivers remote access with zero configuration. Just plug it in to any network and scan the QR code, instantly you will be able to access your DVR over the internet from anywhere in the world on your iPhone, Andorid phone or from your computer.

Motion Detection Recording

This advanced Standalone DVR delivers motion detection style recording, so that your DVR will record when something is happening, but will not record when nothing is going on. That means you get longer recording times and use up less drive space.

Easy Replacement for Older DVRs

Already have a home or business security camera system? Even a cheap system from Q-See, Lorex, NightOwl or other discount brands? We often hear from customers that they were fooled into purchasing these low-end systems only to find out that the features and functions are not up to their standards. The great news is, that our PTAR324 series standalone DVRs are a drop-in replacement for these inferior products. Simply unplug your cameras from the old DVR, and plug in your new PTAR324 series DVR from Platinum CCTV™ and you will get all of the features our DVR provides, even while still using your old cameras!

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