8 Camera HD TVI DVR System for Home or Business
8-Camera HD-TVI Business Security Camera System

8 Camera HD TVI DVR System for Home or Business

On sale:$495.00
Retail Price:$555.00
You Save:$60.00(11%)
Ships in 1-2 days
Part Number:PT-TVI8-2.8
  • Resolution:1080P (1920x1080) HD Quality Video over Coax Cable
  • Frame Rate:15 FPS per camera recording
  • Night Vision:Infrared IR Night Vision up to 65' in Pitch Black
  • Standalone DVR:HD-TVI Hybrid DVR with 2TB Hard Drive
  • Installation:No Installation Included
  • Power:12 VDC Power Supply Included (Options below)

Choose Options

Cable Lengths
No Cables
25 Feet per camera [+$130.00]
60 Feet per camera [+$150.00]
100 Feet per camera [+$220.00]
150 Feet per camera [+$310.00]
200 Feet per camera [+$400.00]
Power Supply
Basic 12VDC Power Supplies [+$50.00]
Multi-Camera Regulated Power Box [+$105.00]
No Camera Power Supply
Technical Support

Basic Do-It-Yourself HD 8 Camera System


This system INCLUDES:

8 Camera HD 1080P Home and Business Security Camera system
  • Pre-Made Coaxial Power/Video cables (25-200' per camera *when selected above)
  • Basic Power Supply (non-regulated) for cameras (*when selected above)
  • HD-TVI DVR with 8 Camera Inputs
  • 8 x 1080P wide-angle 2.8mm cameras with infrared night vision
  • Additional options available at top of page

    Stay Connected

    Instantly Access your Video
    This HD Camera system allows you to see what is happening from anywhere

    This 8 Camera HD-TVI camera system is ideal for home or business security camera installations, allowing you to connect to your cameras instantly and view them from anywhere in the world. These camera systems are ideal for reviewing what happened at your home or business..


    Record what happens at your Business

    Record what happens with Motion Recording
    This HD camera system has great motion detection capabilities

    These HD Cameras are ideal for installation in your home or business, providing you with motion detection style recording so that you can make the best use of your hard drives and still see everything that is happening. These camera systems have built-in motion detection so that the system will only record when something is moving on the screen.


    HD Video Recording

    1080P Cameras for great quality video
    This budget camera system is ideal for home or business installations

    These cameras record in 1080P high definition recording to ensure that you always have great quality video of what is happening at your home or business. These cameras are ideal for both inside and outside so are perfect for home, restuarant, bar or even retail installations.


    Watch your Security cameras on your phone

    Easy Internet access that you will use
    View your security cameras from anywhere in the world with this budget camera system

    Connect instantly to your security cameras from your iPhone or Android phone so that you can watch your home or business security cameras from anywhere in the world.  This innovative new P2P remote connection makes it easier than ever to connect to your DVR.  Just plug it into your internet connection and scan the QR code to allow you to connect right in.


    Night Vision for your Home or Business

    Your cameras will see when you can't
    These HD Cameras have Infrared LEDs to see at night

    The included HD-TVI cameras have infrared night vision capabilities, allowing the cameras to see even in complete darkness. These cameras can see the area in front of them, even in complete darkness so that you can always see what is happening at your home or business.


    Easy to Playback Video

    Easy playback that can expand in the futurer too
    Playback of video is easy on this HD-TVI DVR

    The included HD-TVI DVR is ideal for your security camera needs. It is a budget entry-level DVR option, but it also allows you to upgrade later to add more features even. The included DVR allows for easy playback of video so that you can see what happened when you were away.


    Budget Security Camera System that expands!

    Upgrade this system to our AVM Features at any time
    This budget camera system can be easily upgraded to include our AVM features in the future.

    Most cheap security camera systems do not allow you to upgrade your system in the future, which means that as your needs and budget change, you have to throw out your old system to upgrade.  This entry-level Platinum CCTV system provides you instead with the ability to upgrade it to our Enterprise-Grade system by simply adding software and cameras to the system at any time. This means that the budget system that you purchase today, will grow with the needs of your home or budget.


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