8 Camera HD TVI DVR System with Basic Commercial Install* (Chicago Area Only)
8-Camera HD-TVI Business Security Camera System with Installation

8 Camera HD TVI DVR System with Basic Commercial Install* (Chicago Area Only)

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Retail Price:$1,493.60
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Part Number:PT-TVI8-2.8-Install
  • Resolution:1080P (1920x1080) HD Quality Video over Coax Cable
  • Installation:Chicago Area Installation INCLUDED (See options below)
  • Frame Rate:15 FPS per camera recording
  • Night Vision:Infrared IR Night Vision up to 65' in Pitch Black
  • Standalone DVR:8-Channel HD-TVI Hybrid DVR with 2TB Hard Drive
  • Power:12 VDC Power Supply Included (Options below)

Choose Options

Cable Lengths
Installation Type
Vertical Drop
Network Run
Additional Parts
AVR Battery Backup unit [+$89.95]
20 Inch LCD Monitor and HDMI Cable [+$155.00]
Surge Protector for Power plugs [+$9.50]
Network Switch for added Internet ports if needed [+$45.00]
Upgraded Power Supply (Regulated Box) [+$74.00]
Technical Support

Basic Commercial Installation Included*


This 8-camera system INCLUDES Basic Commerical Installation of the camera system:

8 Camera HD 1080P Security Camera system with Chicagoland Installation
  • New Cable runs above drop ceilings (up to 60' per camera)
    • Includes labor, cable and connectors
    • 10' or lower drop ceilings
    • No Obstructions (eg. brick walls) blocking cable path
    • Coaxial cables run across ceiling grid
  • All Inside camera installation (unless outdoor option selected at top of page)
    • Cameras mounted on drop ceiling tiles to conceal cables
    • Mounting with toggle bolts for secure, long lasting use
  • DVR installed in electrical room, closet or IT room with exposed vertical drops
    • Includes connection to Internet in same room as DVR
    • Additional Internet cable to separate room available as option at top of page
    • Connection of DVR and Camera power supply to existing outlets
    • Connection of Included mouse to DVR for control
    • DVR installed and set up on customer-provided shelf, ledge or desk
  • Setup of app on iPhone or Android and connection to DVR
  • Additional charges may apply for unforseen obstacles or obstructions as noted. These will be communicated with customers prior to commencing when possible.

Parts Included in Package:

  • Coaxial cable (up to 60' per camera)
  • BNC Connectors for Cable
  • Power Connectors for Cable
  • Basic Power Supply (non-regulated) for cameras
  • HD-TVI DVR with 4 Camera Inputs
  • 8 x 1080P wide-angle 2.8mm cameras with infrared night vision
  • Additional options available at top of page

    See What is Happening

    Instantly Access Your Security Cameras
    It is Easy to see your business over the internet with this Installed 8 Camera System

    This new 8 Camera HD-TVI system is great for business applications, as it provides you with the ability to connect to your cameras easily with P2P technology.  This zero configuration remote access makes it easier than ever to see what is happening in and around your business. Connect from your iPhone or Android phone for instant access to your cameras.


    Never Miss a Moment

    Record everything that happens -You'll always know what happened
    This installed 8 camera HD system includes motion detection

    For an entry level system, this HD-TVI DVR really delivers. The motion detection built into this system allows you to record only when something is happening, to preserve the hard drive space and provide you with longer recording times. Further upgrade your system features with optional upgrade to our AVM software as well, only available with our Standalone DVRs.


    High Definition Video Recording

    Hi-Def 1080P cameras provide better picture than ever
    HD 1080P Security Cameras for Indoors and Outdoors

    The included 1080p HD-TVI eyeball style security cameras are great for restaurants and other businesses, providing great quality daytime high definition video as well as infrared night vision. These cameras are a great budget option to provide video coverage for your business in full 1080 resolution.


    Great Internet Access

    Easy P2P Internet with NO Complex Setup
    Watch your security cameras from anywhere

    Just plug in and start viewing your security cameras online with this new HD-TVI P2P access DVR. This DVR makes it easy to make sure you always are able to view your cameras right away. Watch what is happening in your business on your iPhone or Android phone so that you can always stay in touch with your business..


    Infrared Night Vision

    See in complete darkness
    See in complete darkness with these infrared security cameras

    All of the included cameras come with built-in Infrared LEDs that will illuminate the area in front of the camera so that you can still see, even in complete darkness. These cameras are ideal for any indoor or outdoor security camera installation, this means that you can see even if there is no light at all.


    Playback Your Video Quickly

    Easy playback with optional upgrade to AVM as well
    This camera system with installation in Chicagoland area includes great playback capabilities

    This HD-TVI DVR allows you to quickly find and playback your video, this allows you to see what happened at your business while you were away. These innovative DVRs come chock-full of added features to make sure that even though the system is budget-friendly, that you will not be dissapointed with them. These DVRs are also upgradeable to allow you to use our award-winning AVM software for viewing and playback in the future as your needs expand.


    Budget Security Camera System that grows with you!

    Expand your camera system as your needs grow
    Upgrade your budget security camera system in the future to the AVM software

    This budget HD-TVI system is a great self-contained system, but also provides you with the ability in the future to further expand your camera system to include the added support and features of our AVM (Advanced Video Management) platform.  This is the only budget system to allow seamless upgrade and integration to an enterprise-grade platform as needs dictate in the future. This makes our HD-TVI systems the CLEAR choice for any business security camera installation.


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