685VA UPS Battery Backup with AVR for Security Cameras

685VA UPS Battery Backup with AVR for Security Cameras

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Part Number:UPS-685-AVR
  • Power:685VA / 390 Watts - GreenPower UPS
  • Power:Auto Voltage Regulation for protection of cameras
  • Battery:Approx 30 minutes with most cameras and DVRs


The UPS-685-AVR is a great choice to protect your cameras and standalone DVR from minute spikes and dips in voltage that commonly occur with commercial and residential power services. This battery backup unit provides 390 watts of battery backup, but most importantly the battery is also used in the auto voltage regulation, supplementing dips in voltage (even minute ones) and bleeding off excess voltage in minor surges.

With your camera system, it is these minor dips and surges in voltage that will cause premature failure of your components. This is why a UPS system with AVR is a requirement of your system and camera warranty. The battery backup in this AVR will also provide you with power to your DVR and cameras even if the system loses power due to a power outage.

This AVM UPS supplies enough power to keep a Standalone DVR and camera power box running for approximately 30 minutes (dependent on number of cameras and DVR size). 8 Outlets total - 4 with Battery (for DVR and Cameras) and 4 without (for any other accessories).

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