Normally, when a business owner or manager is looking for security cameras, there is a specific problem to be solved. That problem might be theft from employees, break-ins or burglaries, or even vandalism. While these reasons are all very good reasons to get a security camera system, it is important to consider all of the possible benefits of systems prior to jumping the gun and ordering.

Business owners seek surveillance to fix a problem

It is much like if your door was kicked in, the immediate problem is that the door won't close and stay shut. You may have the option of repairing the door with tape, repairing the door with nails, or replacing the door with a double-bolted iron door. All may solve the problem of ensuring the door will stay closed - in one fashion or another, but the tape may make the door look whole again, but will give with a push. Nailing the door back together may hold slightly better, but a good shove and it will fall in. While a new double-bolted iron door not only solves the problem, but ensures that someone would be sorry if they tried kicking in the door again.

This is the principle that we apply to security camera systems for every business. We know there are many choices, some of them may not be great choices, but all can "fix" the original problem. Even a cheap security camera system from the local big box store may deliver you the feeling of being protected, but the first time you go to use the cameras, you realise the short comings. Often, you will find that much like the tape, you ended up with a solution that did little more than provide the look like you were protected.

So what should you do to ensure that you will not only repair the problem but provide far greater functionality to truly help your business? These 3 easy steps will help ensure that you make the right decision.

1. Ensure the cameras deliver needed clarity for evidence -

Analog standard definition camera shows good clarity with correct lens

Notice I do not say the "resolution" but rather the clarity. It is very possible to use traditional analog security cameras and still have the clarity that is required to recognize a person or even capture license plates. It is in the judicious application of the technology that true recognition and evidence is delivered. Clarity is determined by the resolution of the camera and the width of the lens.

HD Cameras can be used with wider lenses to provide coverage of more area but still deliver good clarity

So when using lower resolution cameras, place them closer to the subject or area to be covered with a narrower lens. High Definition cameras though, can be placed farther away and with wider coverage, enabling the use of less cameras to cover the same area. Don't get caught up on identifying every person at every location in the building. Cover main entrances and exit points with great distinguishing characteristics, and then utilize wide angle views to see what happens when they are inside. With an appropriate recording system, you will be able to quickly find out who it was by tracking it back. Which brings me to the second step...

2. Make sure your recorder works...well -

If your security camera system puts you to sleep in playback, it is the wrong system

A DVR or NVR at its core provides a pretty basic functionality, record video onto hard drive for later playback. But HOW it performs the function and HOW EASY it is to access that video is what separates the tape from the double-bolted iron door. This is an area where many systems fall short, so step 2 is the most important. Want to know how much you will use the DVR? Test it out before you buy it. Go to a unit on display and play back video. Don't just jump to yesterday at 5:00PM but rather try to find when the first employee entered the store that day, or even when you did if you didn't know what time it was. This is the true measure of how well a system works. If it takes you an hour to scan through video to find exactly who came in, then the system will not often be used and certainly will not deliver much in the way of additional features. That system is little better than tape on the door.

When you find a system that allows you to scan back quickly and within seconds find the first employee through the door, what time you entered the store and everything in between in a matter of seconds, then you have found the system that will truly deliver for your business. This is just one area where our AVM system really shines. Then try out other features...I can spend days covering the intricacies and features

3. Deal with Technical Support -

Technical support team helps customers with problems

I Know, I know, this is the last thing you want to have to do. But even a technical genius needs help from time to time. So when that time comes, who stands behind you? So call tech support, and see what responses you get. Is your problem solved? Does anyone answer the phone or call you back?

This is why each of our technical support agents are highly trained, and most importantly care for the security and safety of our clients. That combination delivers the best technical support and ensures that you ill be able to get the most out of your system.

Select your business security camera system wisely, for even a small investment is a waste if it does not perform as you intend or truly solve the problem you look to correct. In addition to the above, rely on the advice of a true professional to help design, implement and maintain your system whenever possible, and find a system that is as expandable as possible to ensure future upgrades will be possible as new technology presents.

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