2 Camera Standalone DVR System
2-Camera Standalone DVR System (select cameras in options) with iPhone/Android Remote Access

2 Camera Standalone DVR System

Your Price:$424.00
Retail Price:$550.00
You Save:$126.00(23%)
Ships Immediately
Part Number:AN-200
  • Remote Access:Instant Plug-N-Play Remote Access from iPhone/Android
  • Night Vision:Infrared Night Vision in Complete Darkness
  • HDMI Support:HD Video Output Support with HDMI Connection

Choose Options

Hard Drive Size
Cable Lengths
25 Feet per camera
60 Feet per camera [+$10.00]
100 Feet per camera [+$20.00]
150 Feet per camera [+$40.00]
200 Feet per camera [+$60.00]
Power Supply
Individual Power Adapters
Multi-Camera Regulated Power Box [+$74.00]

Stay in Touch

Instant Access to your Video

Our Standalone DVRs provide you with the ability to instantly access your security cameras from anywhere in the world with an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or PC/Laptop. Watch what is happening right now, so you can always stay in touch.

Never Miss a Moment

Motion Detection Recording + H.264 Video Compression = Longer Recording Times

These cutting-edge DVRs provide the latest in video compression, combined with great motion detection recording, so that you never have to miss a moment of what happens at your home or business. With this powerful combination, you can make sure you will see everything that happens.

See It Clearly

Our new higher resolution 960H DVR provides even clearer picture than ever

The DVR-9800RT Real Time H.264 Standalone DVR delivers higher quality video recording than previous models, delivering the full quality allowed by standard CCTV cameras. This means you can get crisp, clear images from your CCTV cameras.

Easy to Setup

No Complicated Network Configuration, just plug it in!

With our new P2P network technology, you don?t have to be a geek to watch your cameras online. Just plug the DVR into your internet connection, and start watching your cameras right away. No Fuss, No Stress.

See in the Dark

Includes cameras with Infrared Night Vision

Each of the cameras available with this package include infrared night vision, so that you can see even if it is dark, and I mean pitch black! The Infrared LEDs turn on once the light levels drop, providing you with the ability to see everything that happens in and around your property.

Find Your Video Easily

Updated time-bar style playback makes it easy

Instead of scrolling through lists of files, you can find your video by looking at a time bar on the DVR to see exactly when motion recording was triggered. Now you can spend less time finding your video and more time doing the things you want to do. You can also playback video from your PC or Laptop remotely over the internet for even more accessibility.

We've Got Your Back!

Technical support every step of the way

From instructional videos and walkthroughs to live remote technical support and online chats, we have your back every step of the way. You don?t have to be a tech guru to get our systems up and running, because you have an entire team of specialists behind you. Whether you install systems for a living, or have never touched a camera before, we?ll get you up and running in no time at all.

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