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2-Camera 2K Resolution HD-IP camera system with Advanced Playback and Remote Access from iPhone, Android
2-Camera 2K Resolution HD-IP camera system with Advanced Playback and Remote Access from iPhone, Android

2 Camera HD 2K Resolution 4 MegaPixel IP NVR System

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Save time on Video Playback!

Find what you want to see instantly

Our AVM system included with this package is one of the most advanced security camera softwares on the planet. It offers industry-leading access to your recorded and live video both locally and over the internet. Scan through days, weeks or months of video in a matter of seconds with just a wave of your mouse, saving you time and money. - It is really that easy to playback!

Not your average remote access

Watch your video from anywhere you want

We have been on the forefront of remote camera access since before smart phones even existed. Yes, our customers were watching their cameras even on their flip phones. As new technology comes out, we stay ahead of it, developing new applications for each new phone and tablet. This means that you will be able to watch your home or business security cameras in real-time no matter where you are or what device you upgrade.

Real 2K HD Video

Excellent video quality at 2K resolution (2688x1520)

This camera system is ideal for home and business camera installations. The 3 optional cameras all have 2K resolution video, which is a great upgrade over 1080P for the price, and deliver greater video resolution, better color and improved digital zoom, night vision and clarity. This is a great half-step between 1080 and 4K resolution cameras, so it is an ideal mid-range budget option.

"Future-Proof" Security

Easily expand and upgrade later

We have 15 years of proven performance and innovation backing us up, which means that as new technology comes out, we will integrate it into your system, making your system easy to expand with any technology. Our systems support HD over coax, Analog and HD-IP cameras (included in this package). This is why many of our customers from 15 years ago are still using and expanding on their systems.

Ultimate Security

Worried someone might access your cameras? You should be...

Often on the news, you will hear about hacked security camera systems, and people getting into your home or business network.  This is a genuine and real concern these days, and is very common with embedded/standalone style recorders and cameras that are connected directly to the internet. Our AVM system has built in functionality to let you know if someone even tries to log in to your cameras.  This way, you know that someone is even trying. That is a level of peace of mind that is not afforded by other systems, making our AVM the best choice.

See in the Dark

See what happens even when there is no light

All of the cameras included in this system have infrared night vision capabilities, allowing you to record what happens even in complete darkness. Each camera has a different distance of IR night vision to help you select the cameras that will work best for your environment.

Stay in touch with Alerts!

Motion Email & Text Alerts, Alarm Integration and MORE

Our AVM system can be optionally integrated with your alarm system using our alarm I/O boards.  This will allow you to connect motion sensors, smoke detectors, water sensors, freeze sensors or more, so that you can receive email or text alerts when something happens at your business or home. Outputs can even be connected to many alarm systems which will permit you to arm or disarm the alarm system.

POS Transaction Integration

Optional POS Integration for Businesses

Security camera systems do not have to just be about security when you select the right system.  Our AVM system allows you to optionally upgrade your system to capture POS terminal transaction data in a text format. This allows you to pull up video based on searches for specific items, amounts or discounts applied. This means that you can manage your business better.

Most Powerful Scheduling

Control everything that happens

The core of our AVM software, is an enhanced scheduling engine. This provides you with the ability to schedule complex alerts that can be based on camera motion, signal loss, alarm inputs, analytics alerts, system events and much more. You can even layer multiple events simultaneously to ensure when you get an alert it is something you want to see. Use the scheduler to control lights and other devices based on any event with optional IO card. This makes it a powerful automated business or home controller.

We've Got Your Back!

Industry Leading Technical Support

From instructional videos and walkthroughs to live remote technical support and online chats, we have your back every step of the way. You don’t have to be a tech guru to get our systems up and running, because you have an entire team of specialists behind you. Whether you install systems for a living, or have never touched a camera before, we’ll get you up and running in no time at all.

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