12 Camera 1080P HD-IP NVR System
12-Camera 1080P HD-IP AVM camera system with adv. Playback and remote access from iPhone, Android, Blackberry and more

12 Camera 1080P HD-IP NVR System

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Retail Price:$2,995.00
You Save:$245.00(8%)
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Part Number:HD-1206
  • Remote Access:Live Video from iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac
  • Night Vision:Infrared Night Vision in Complete Darkness
  • HD IP Cameras:Use standard CAT-5/6 ethernet cable for these cameras to carry HD video
  • AVM:Advanced Video Management Software = Best Playback + Best Remote Viewing

Choose Options

Cable Lengths
No Cable
1000' Box CAT-5 Cable w/RJ-45 Connectors [+$85.00]
PoE Switch
3 x 4-Port PoE Switch (100Mbps)
3 x 4-Port PoE Switch (1Gbps) [+$150.00]

Ultimate Video Playback

Faster access to video with easy searching = You use your video more!
12 Camera HD-IP NVR system with 1080P Cameras and fast video playback

Find your video faster than ever before with this 1080P AVM security camera system. Our system allows you to scan through days of video in a matter of seconds. This means that you can see everything that happened in a day, week or even month without spending any time at all. With an NVR that allows this access, you will find that you use your system more, extracting more value from the investment and making your life and business better.

You want to see it Anytime?

Real-Time video from all your devices, from anywhere!
Watch your 1080P HD IP Cameras from anywhere with iPhone and Android

We have been watching security cameras on our cell phones since the days of the flip phone, this is why our remote access is so much more advanced than the competition. Our NVRs also have more processing capabilities, using todays PC processors to process the video and provide the remote access for your iPhone and Android devices. This means that you get smoother, higher quality video remotely over the internet, not matter where you might be located.

See and record in HD

Better Video Quality = Better Recognition
1080P HD Video gives you excellent clarity and smooth video with 30fps

Enjoy high quality color video with the included 1080P HD IP cameras. Each of these cameras feature our fast 7th Gen video processor, making sure that you will have low latency, high quality video at great smooth framerates. Even though our 1080P model IP cameras are our budget models, that doesn't mean that we have skimped on the quality. These cameras have the same high quality housings and video processors as our 2K and 4K model cameras, ensuring that you will be thrilled with the video quality and smoothness.

"Future-Proof" Your Security

Easily expandable and Upgradeable
Add IP cameras at any time with our AVM System

Our AVM system can be easily expanded by incorporating additional HD-IP, analog or HD over coax cameras, allowing you to continue growing your security camera system as your needs develop. This is an area where many camera systems fail, requiring you to replace expensive hardware to add more cameras. This has never been the case with AVM systems, which is why our customers have been expanding and growing their systems, some for over 15 years.

Ultimate Security

Worried someone might access your cameras? You should be...
Receive text or email alerts if someone tries to connect to your cameras

IP cameras and NVRs are one of the most vulnerable systems when it comes to hacking, unless they are implemented properly. Many of these devices have cloud-based or P2P remote access, which by definition circumvents firewalls in order to make remote access easy. Unfortunateley, this is the absolute worst possible thing when it comes to security. This is why hackers have targeted these types of embedded devices. Our AVM system is a different kind of device, running a full operating system, which is easier to keep up to date to protect it against attacks. Our AVM system is also fully compatible with secure VPN access, making it the obvious choice for IT departments that are serious about security.

See in the Dark

See what happens even when there is no light
See in 1080P in complete darkness

See in complete darkness with these 1080P HD IP cameras. Each of these cameras features various numbers of IR LEDs and array LEDs which illuminate the area in front of the camera with an invisible light that only the camera can see. This allows your cameras to see even if you cannot. We combined this IR light with enhanced video processing engine to deliver sharper and clearer night vision than ever before. Select from 3 models of cameras, ranging from 65' to 100' infrared night vision depending on model.

Stay in touch with Alerts!

Motion Email & Text Alerts, Alarm Integration and MORE
Get alerts and integrate alarm systems with your HD IP Cameras

Expand the functionality of your business security camera system with our optional alarm I/O board. This allows you to connect your security cameras to your alarm sensors or alarm control panel to send email or text alerts based on sensor conditions. This can make your building smarter, sending email alerts based on motion sensors, door sensors, freeze sensors, water sensors or any other NO/NC sensor. Your building can now inform you when something needs attention.

POS Overlay Integration

Optional POS System Integration for Businesses
See transaction info along with your HD IP Cameras

Really looking to cut your losses? Our optional POS integration module can assist you, by recording exactly what items are included in each transaction, overlaying that video and storing the receipts in a searchable plain-text. Unlike most POS system integrations, ours works with all types of cameras (analog, HD over coax and HD-IP). This allows you also to search for certain transactions based on cashier number, discounts applied, so that you can see the video based on transaction info.

Most Powerful Scheduling

Control everything that happens

The core of our AVM software, is an enhanced scheduling engine. This provides you with the ability to schedule complex alerts that can be based on camera motion, signal loss, alarm inputs, analytics alerts, system events and much more. You can even layer multiple events simultaneously to ensure when you get an alert it is something you want to see. Use the scheduler to control lights and other devices based on any event with optional IO card. This makes it a powerful automated business or home controller.

We've Got Your Back!

Industry Leading Technical Support

From instructional videos and walkthroughs to live remote technical support and online chats, we have your back every step of the way. You don’t have to be a tech guru to get our systems up and running, because you have an entire team of specialists behind you. Whether you install systems for a living, or have never touched a camera before, we’ll get you up and running in no time at all.

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